iPhone 6 Concept: Clear With Transparent Screen, Fingerprint Sensor

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Today we have yet another new iPhone 6 concept, and this one has a feature that I’ve not seen before on any of the previous concepts. The most noticeable feature is that the iPhone 6 itself is actually clear and has a transparent screen.

iPhone 6 Concept: Clear With Transparent Screen, Fingerprint Sensor

A Clear iPhone 6?

The concept was uploaded to YouTube by user HDMI1616 today and edited by Csaba Nagy, and you can view the full video below. The clear iPhone 6 looks pretty sleek. However, the YouTube video shows a video playing on the screen and the user’s finger passing behind it, showing that the screen is transparent. I would think that this could be a bit problematic.

The iPhone 6 in this concept also has a fingerprint sensor, although the concept is different than others we’ve seen. In the video, the user goes to Facebook and then uses his fingerprint to log in directly on the screen. Most other concepts which feature a fingerprint sensor have built that sensor right into the home button of the iPhone 6.

In this concept, the iPhone 6 is also said to be faster and appears to have better mapping software (which I’m sure most Apple fans would agree it needs).

iPhone 6 Launch Date And Rumors

Of course Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is still keeping quiet about the iPhone 6 and when it might be on the market. Some have speculated this fall, while others have speculated early next year or even next June. But whatever the company comes out with, it better be spectacular because some of the concepts we’ve seen are so sleek the real thing is likely to pale in comparison.

Some of the items fans have said they want most in the iPhone 6 include near-field communication, more capacity, biometric security (a.k.a., a fingerprint sensor), wireless charging and better battery life. So if Apple could at least meet those desires, the iPhone 6 might be cool enough to convince people to buy it.

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