iPhone 6 Or iWatch: Which Would You Buy?

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The technology world is abuzz with expectations that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will unveil the iPhone 6 and the iWatch on Sept. 9. The company has scheduled an event for that date, as expected, and now people are scrutinizing the cryptic invitation, making giant leaps to conclusions that have little or no basis in reality, in some cases.

So based on all the rumors and speculations, if you could only buy either the iPhone 6 or the iWatch, which one would you buy? Of course Apple is hoping that consumers will buy both, and the iWatch may even need the iPhone 6 just so that users can enjoy all of its functionalities. But let’s just humor ourselves here. (And I realize this takes a great amount of rumor since every last shred of this is based on rumors).

iPhone 6 Or iWatch: Which Would You Buy?

iPhone 6 possibilities

Recently a new series of supposedly leaked photos of the iPhone 6 appeared on the Chinese social network Feng. Several other sites have since picked them up, including Business Insider, Apple Insider and BGR, which says the device in the photos is hideous. The photos show what is supposed to be some of the phone’s components, including the back and front panels of the iPhone 6. The images are of a device that looks to have a display that’s about 4.7 inches in size, as is expected. The device is also quite a bit thinner than the iPhone 5S and has rounded corners.

On the back panel are a couple of plastic-looking lines, which we have seen in previous images that were purportedly of the iPhone 6. It’s unclear what those lines might be for, although some have suggested that they are there to take care of the antennas. Of course they would need some space so that they could breathe inside a housing that’s made mostly out of aluminum. Another possibility is that are some kind of insulator.

The cover glass doesn’t bring any surprises. It shows the typical hole for the FaceTime camera and proximity sensor. The bottom has a Lightning port, microphone, and headphone jack. There’s also a redesigned speaker grille. The power button is in a new place as well.

In addition to the new design, most expect the iPhone 6 to have near field communication. Recently we also heard that Apple may be rolling out a mobile payments platform to utilize the NFC capability. The handset is also expected to come with several new health-related sensors that will utilize the new HealthKit API and Health app unveiled by Apple at WWDC earlier this year.

A cryptic invitation from Apple

So it’s generally expected that Apple will show off the iPhone 6 on Sept. 9, particularly because the company sent out invitations to an event that day. However, we also heard this week that the iWatch might be revealed at the same event, and unsurprisingly, people are scrutinizing Apple’s invitation with sickening care.

For example, the date of the event just happens to be two 6’s upside down. Some think this means that there are two iPhone 6 models ready to be unveiled, but it may be just a date. Besides, most people have already been expecting two models anyway. Others looked at the wave that’s in the background and suggest that it has something to do about health, while still others think it looks like there’s a finger pushing a button on top of it.

One of the more interesting observations is that Apple has scheduled it for the Flint Center in its hometown of Cupertino, Calif. That’s the same place where Steve Jobs first unveiled the Mac computer, and it’s also different than where Apple has held its events in recent years. In fact, this year marks 30 years (actually back in January, so we’re approaching 31 years) since that event, so it’s somewhat poetic to hold the event there.

Also the venue is much bigger than either of the two venues where Apple usually holds its events, either in the theater on its campus or at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. It very well be that Apple is planning an event that’s far bigger than usual.

What about the iWatch?

So does the invitation really mean that the iWatch will be unveiled as well? It’s possible, despite reports that it might not even ship until early next year. It isn’t out of character for Apple to unveil something months because it makes the device available for purchase.

Views on what the iWatch will be vary widely, with few leaks having made their way out. Most believe it will have some sort of health focus and fully utilize HealthKit and the Health app. Some think that in addition to health-related uses, the iWatch will also be able to control internet-connected devices inside the home.

Given Apple’s history, it seems as if the iWatch may not work apart from the iPhone 6. But if it does, would you buy it if you don’t have plans to buy an iPhone? Or would you be happy with just the newest model of the iPhone and skipping the iWatch?

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