iPhone 6 Concept Based On iPad Air—A Second One

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Will the iPhone 6 take design cues from the iPad Air? If this year’s iPad launch is any indication, it just might. The new iPad took design cues from the previous iPad Mini, so it’s no wonder that we now have two different iPhone 6 concepts based on the iPad Air design.

iPhone 6 Concept Based On iPad Air—A Second One

New iPhone 6 concept from Ciccarese Design

This new concept is a bit different than the first iPhone 6 concept that’s based on the iPad Air, although naturally it does bear some similarities. It comes from Ciccarese Design, and one of the biggest differences is what the designer calls a “HANDeBand SLIDE Band” attached to the back of the device. There’s no commentary on the designer’s since it’s just photos, but others have covered the design and included some additional details.

Adam Mills of GottaBe Mobile says this iPhone 6 design takes some of the features from the iPhone 5S and combines them with the design of the iPad Air. Of course the iPad Air design is somewhat based on that of the previous iPad Mini model except that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is marketing it as being lighter than air, hence the new name. This so-called iPhone Air has a brushed aluminum backing like the iPads. There’s also the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that’s included in the iPhone 5S, as well as the lightning charger port and speaker grills.

Rumors about the iPhone 6

One thing that isn’t clear in this iPhone 6 concept is the size of the screen. Most are pretty much expecting that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will deliver on calls for a bigger screen. Needless to say, if the company doesn’t, then it will be a huge letdown for fans and investors alike.  However, while some are calling for crazy-big screen sizes on the iPhone 6, I would be surprised if Apple goes much bigger than the screen on the iPhone 5S. Most of these rumors about size are probably greatly exaggerated, and the real thing may not even have a screen that’s 5 inches in size.

We also have plenty of suggestions about when the iPhone 6 will arrive, with some speculating in June of next year and others saying earlier than that.

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