iPhone 6 Could Finally Have NFC [PHOTOS]

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Rumors about the iPhone 6 continue to heat up, but this latest rumor may be one of the more interesting ones. The French website Nowhere Else, citing unnamed Chinese sources, has posted images of what it claims show the iPhone 6’s motherboard or main printed circuit board. The website also claims that the iPhone 6 will sport a near field communication (NFC) chip.

iPhone 6 to have an NFC chip?

Fans of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s devices have been clamoring for near field communication to be added to the iPhone for some time. NFC chips are often used in debit cards because they enable users to make small payments fast without even inserting their cards, swiping them or entering a PIN. Some Android smartphones now have them and use them to share data quickly from phone to phone. There have been rumors for some time that Apple was adding NFC to the iPhone, but so far, the rumors have been unfounded.


Apple has been using its Passbook feature for payments, but NFC could open the app up to a whole new world. Users can store payment information, plane tickets, loyalty cards and event tickets in the feature. If the iPhone 6 really does have NFC, then it’s possible Apple might tie it in with the Passbook app, although that’s still unclear.

Analysts have been saying Apple should move further into the payments industry, particularly because it already has a massive credit card database in iTunes. Integrating NFC into the Passbook feature could be a way to do that. It would also match up with the rumor we heard about iWallet recently.

Other possibilities for the iPhone 6

Nowhere Else also claims that the iPhone 6 will have an 802.11ac wireless networking chip. That more than doubles the speed of communications over Wi-Fi.

Mac Rumors compared the supposed board for the iPhone 6 with that of the iPhone 5S and noted some similarities and differences. The biggest difference may be the size. The iPhone 6 is expected to have a larger screen, so it makes sense that the board would be a bit bigger than the one in the iPhone 5S. The screw holes on the board seem to match up with previous allegedly leaked photos of the casing.

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