iPhone 6 Fake Running Android Fools Apple Fans

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The iPhone 6 won’t be out for at least another month yet, but the number of supposed leaks and clones just keeps growing. Few are offered in a way that’s as fun as a video posted on YouTube by TLD (Tom Larry Dave). It shows how Apple fans are expecting so much from the iPhone 6 that they’ll believe that technology which hasn’t arrived yet is in the iPhone 6—even though the performance of the fake is so horrible.

The video demonstrates how they can be convinced that the device looks and performs great, even though the interviewer is feeding them a line of you-know-what. In reality, the iPhone 6 was a low-end, “underpowered” Android device that only looks like it’s running iOS.

iPhone 6 to sport ultra-advanced tech?

In the video, the interviewer actually convinces people that the fake iPhone 6 has a 26-core processor. Nope. Not a typo. Currently the top-of-the-line smartphones are running an 8-core processor, so there’s a long way to go, although there have been rumblings about a 12-core or 16-core processor. The guy also convinces people that the iPhone 6 has an 8K screen. Currently 4K is seen as the next big think in smartphone displays, although some companies are working on 8K screens.

He tells the sheeple (apologies to those who were fooled) that it has a sapphire display, which many do believe that the iPhone 6 will, in fact, have, that can withstand arrows because it is so hard. In addition, he convinces them that the backing is made of “nano-aluminum” that looks and feels like plastic but is actually indestructible. He also says it’s got an 8-day battery. Of course this is too good to be true, at least right now.

Talking fans into the iPhone 6

He also uses the power of suggestion to convince the people he speaks with that the fake iPhone 6 is lighter, moving faster and looks clearer—in spite of the fact that it’s actually a low-resolution Android device. He adds that the screen looks so clear that it looks like it’s got a sticker on it that’s fake. He even convinces many of them that the fake iPhone 6 has a “legitimate” 3D screen and that no 3D glasses are needed. Many of them say they can actually see it, even though there is no 3D display. He just tells them to cross their eyes, and they’re convinced.

It seems like there’s no end of the garbage he’s able to convince some people of, like that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) dumped its Siri digital assistant and replaced it with Google Now. In terms of the camera, he tells them that it has 100x optical zoom and that it takes pictures that are so high resolution that they look pixelated on the screen. He says the display can’t handle the quality of the photos and that’s why they look pixelated. In addition, he convinces some that if they put the pictures on their computer or post them online that the pictures will show up very clear.

For some laughs, check out the full video below.

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