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iPhone 6 Concept Without Corners

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What would it take for Apple fans to be pleased with the iPhone 6? Some say almost anything other than this latest concept which has surfaced. It comes from Designed by M and is posted on the site’s blog by Lester Mapp.

iPhone 6 Concept Without Corners

iPhone 6 concept has an odd form

The most obvious thing about this iPhone 6 concept is its strange shape. The designer has essentially shaved off the corners, giving it a sort of futuristic look. Cult of Mac’s Rob LeFebvre compares the design to “something from Battlestar Galactica.”

Designed by M is calling the device the iPhone 6m, and it certainly doesn’t look anything like a relative of the previous iPhone models, particularly because of the odd corners.

Specs on this new iPhone 6 concept

Nonetheless, the designer did pack the handset with some interesting specs. The design focuses on touch by replacing the physical home button and volume controls with touch controls. This isn’t much different than what we’ve seen on other concepts. There seems to be an ongoing theme here regarding an iPhone 6 with touch controls rather than physical buttons.

The handset is 20 percent thinner than the iPhone and sports an 18 megapixel camera with low light and panorama capabilities. The designer even added a ring flash, which is what professional photographers use to provide some interesting lighting effects.

iPhone 6 release next year?

It finally seems as if the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fan community is beginning to accept that the iPhone 6 won’t be out until next year and that the iPhone 5S will be coming this fall sometime. Unfortunately however, if we do have to wait until next year for the iPhone 6, that just might mean we have to endure another full year of crazy concepts dreamed up by would-be iPhone designers.

Here’s hoping that the next iPhone is out soon and that it sates the appetite of Apple fans long enough to put these iPhone 6 rumors on hiatus.

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