iPhone 5S And 5 How-To Replace The Battery [Guide]

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Apple in its infinite wisdom like an increasing number of smartphone brands produce the iPhone in a way as to make it (many people assume) impossible to remove the battery. Leaving the poor handset user without a phone if the battery should become faulty or in need of an Apple authorized repairer!

However, if you’re a clever sought the type that never says never, then there are ways for you to replace the battery yourself, furthermore if you’re an iPhone 5s or 5 owner then this tutorial or How-To guide will explain to you in plain English how to go about replacing a faulty battery.


Tools Required to Replace Your Battery

Apple have gone to great lengths to prevent you from being able to do this, but fortunately there are tools available for you to buy before you can start the job.

If you are price conscious pop over to Amazon and search for an iPhone tool kit, in the results you will see a number of results. However, you want something that is reliable and has good reviews one such kit is the Vaster Premium Kit it is compatible with iPhones from the 4 all the way up to the 6S.

Removing the iPhone 5s or 5 Battery

So here we go, we’ll start with the iPhone 5 battery, you can either follow the guide below or watch the video.

  1. Place your iPhone on its back and remove the two screws from the bottom near the speakers, using the correct tool from your tool kit.
  2. Use the suction cup which comes with the kit to lift the screen and at the same time use the plastic prying tool to help lift it. Be careful when lifting the screen lift it no more than 90 degrees to prevent damage.
  3. Once the screen is lifted, there are three screws inside which need to be removed, be careful they are tiny. Make sure you have a safe place to keep them.
  4. Now that you can see the battery, look for a piece of platic which looks like a piece of lego. Be very careful and remove it and then carefully take out the old battery.
  5. Remove your new battery from its packaging and place it into the battery slot and then reattach the lego piece and the three internal screws.
  6. Now place the top half of the screen into place first and then work your way along and finally replace the first two screws from the bottom of the handset and you’re done.

Watch this iPhone 5 battery replacement video:

iPhone 5s Battery Removal and Replacement

Moving on to the 5s battery you can either follow the instructions or watch the video.

  1. Take the screw driver form your kit and remove the two screws from the bottom of the iPhone near to the speaker.
  2. Using a suction cup, place it as near to the home button as you can get it. You will also need a prying tool which needs to be placed between the screen and metal frame to lift the screen gently.
  3. If you’re really careful you should feel a little pop. At this point gently lift the screen away from the body, bottom first. Lift the bottom of the iPhone away from the body about an inch until you can see what looks like a small metal clasp.
  4. Using a pry tool lift the clasp up gently, this will remove a ribbon cable which if not done it will prevent you from moving on.
  5. There are two screws which hold the battery connector in place these need to be removed.
  6. Lift the little black latch which was underneath the connecter and move it out of the way.
  7. Use the pry tool to lift the battery from the top gently until it is free from the handset.
  8. Insert your new battery and connect the little black latch followed by refitting the metal battery connecter.
  9. Lower the screen down top first, but using the pry tool, place the ribbon cable back into place and cover it with the metal clasp.
  10. Place the screen down gently reatching it to the body and then replace the two screws you replaced at the start.

You can watch how it is done in this iPhone 5s battery replacement video.

Final Thoughts

So that is it, you now know how-to replace an iPhone 5 and 5s battery. We would advise that you read all of the instructions before starting the battery removal process. And don’t try and do this without the specific tools to do so because as I mentioned earlier Apple have not exactly made replacing an iPhone battery easy to do!

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