How to Replace your iPhone 5 Battery [VIDEO]

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Apple’s latest smartphone – iPhone 5 comes with unibody finish which gives it a strong look and feel. However, if there’s something that users sometimes complain about, it’s the lack of a removable back cover. Unlike Samsung, Apple doesn’t believe in offering one in the near future. Now the question that comes to the mind is, how to replace the iPhone 5 battery as it doesn’t comes with any removable back cover? Well, that’s where the folks at iFixit step in.

iFixit shows us that with a little patience and right tools, anyone can replace an iPhone’s battery. All you need is a new replacement battery and tools which you can get from any online store. The end result is that you’ll get an iPhone with a brand new battery, and that too at a very cheap cost.

How to Replace your iPhone 5 Battery [VIDEO]

Normally when a battery starts to deteriorate, many people just get a new device instead of considering repairing as an option. Of course, if your phone is under warranty then this procedure will void your warranty, and you shouldn’t be thinking to replace the battery yourself, instead, you can take advantage of the warranty and let Apple fix it for you. This solution is mostly for those people who have an older device which is no longer covered under Apple’s warranty.

The popular iOS device repair company known as iFixit has recently uploaded a video which shows how easy and simple it is to replace your device’s battery and breathe a new life in your device. Instead of throwing the device in a dust bin because of battery issues, you can simply watch this video tutorial and learn how to replace it.

Learn How To Replace iPhone 5 Battery

So go ahead, watch this DIY video and learn how to replace iPhone 5’s battery – all this without hiring any technician or spending a huge sum of money. As they say; “Money saved is money earned!”

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