iPhone 5 May Come With Nano-Sim Technology

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iPhone 5 May Come With Nano-Sim Technology

iPhone 5 is going to be Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) next big thing and the company is working hard to keep their secrets within four walls. According to some sources, Apple’s ready for bringing yet another breakthrough in smart phone industry by creating a nano-SIM for their next 6th generation iPhone. This new nano-SIM would be smaller than the micro SIM. The company thinks that this way, they’ll be getting an edge over their competition, most likely Samsung, Nokia and Blackberry.

The recent models – iPad 2 and iPhone 4S already features the micro-SIM, but the company wants to make the SIM card smaller than the already small-sized micro-SIM. The new nano-SIM will be about one third smaller than the micro-SIM. This would give Apple more space to add other features to the phone. With nano-SIM, Apple can develop smaller and slimmer devices giving more room for other components.

Other competitors like Nokia, Motorola and RIM’s Blackberry are also rumored to be shrinking the micro-SIM further. These micro-SIM are standard in Nokia’s newly launced Lumia phones also.

However reports say that Apple has used dubious persuasion methods in convincing European operators to approve their proposal. For now, we’ll wait and watch the show if this new nano-SIM really makes the new iPhone 5 slimmer and smaller.

On a related note, to make this nano-SIM an industry standard, Apple is ready to offer royaly-free licensing to its rival mobile device makers. This move could in turn make the technology available to other device makers and they can also benefit from the nano-SIM technology.

But Nokia has also argued that its backing a superior nano-SIM that doesn’t require a tray or carrier. This new design by Nokia also meets (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) ETSI’s “pre-agreed requirements”. The ETSI is meeting at the end of this week to agree a new design.

Earlier, rival companies like Nokia, RIM and Motorola have raised their concerns opposing standardization of nano-SIM. They fear that Apple could claim ownership of the patents behind the format, and they’ll have to start paying royalties for using the technology.

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