iPhone 11 Renderings Show Triangular Triple-Lens Camera Array

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We’re still many months away from the unveiling of the iPhone 11, but we can be certain that the rumors about this year’s iPhone won’t let up before then. Now have a new set of concept images based on the current leaks and rumors about the device.

These iPhone 11 renderings were emailed to ValueWalk, and there’s not much new to see in them, although they do give us an idea of what it might look like if all the claims we’ve heard about it are accurate.

iPhone 11 renderings reveal protruding camera lenses

CashKaro teamed up with reputable tipster OnLeaks to create the iPhone 11 renderings. They show a device with a triple-lens rear-facing camera which protrudes from the back of the handset. The three lenses are arranged in a triangular formation. Many who have heard this rumor have already commented on the idea, and it seems they are quite opposed to the arrangement.

iPhone 11 Renderings
Image source: OnLeaks and CashKaro

The triangular triple-lens camera array shown in the iPhone 11 renderings comes from a leak we heard previously from Slashleaks. Slashleaks shared images of what were claimed to be molds used for third party manufacturers to begin producing cases.

Notch may be just as big as ever

In addition to the triangular camera lens array on the back, many commenters have expressed disdain with the notch on the front. The iPhone X was the first to sport a notch, and it has caused many other smartphone makers to embrace notch-based designs.

However, while other companies have been experimenting with other shapes like teardrop-shaped notches, the molds shared by Slashleaks suggest Apple may keep the same large notch for the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 renderings keep the notch roughly the same size, although they do trim down the thickness of it and also the bezels.

OnLeaks and CashKaro claim the iPhone 11 will measure 143.9 x 71.4 x 7.8 millimeters, or 9 millimeters if the protruding camera lenses are included in the depth. The renderings also suggest other minor changes like a slightly different shape for the mute button. We will probably hear many more rumors about this year’s iPhone models.

Unfortunately for those who aren’t fans of the design shown in these renderings, they matches pretty much everything we’ve heard so far, so it seems pretty likely that this is what Apple is doing. Of course, we won’t know anything for certain until the phone is unveiled later this year.

We’ve embedded a video showing a 360-degree view of the iPhone 11 renderings.

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