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iPhone 11 Pro camera tests pit it against a DSLR camera

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At least two iPhone 11 Pro camera tests have reached the same conclusion. Apparently, the camera works so well that professional photographers have found it to take photos that are nearly as good quality as those taken by a DSLR camera.

iPhone 11 Pro camera test via YouTube

Earlier this month, YouTuber Matti Haapoja shared the first iPhone 11 Pro camera test, which pitted the phone against the $7,500 Canon 1DX Mark II. He revealed give side-by-side images before stating which one was taken using the pricey DSLR camera and which were taken with the iPhone 11 Pro.

The biggest difference between the two devices was that the photos taken with the iPhone 11 Pro feature a slightly more exaggerated bokeh effect. Sometimes the effect disappears in the corners of the images. Although it is possible to tell photos taken by the two devices apart, it is very interesting that Apple has managed to pack a camera that’s nearly as great as a DSLR camera into a smartphone.

We’ve embedded the full video at the bottom of this article.

Camera review from CNET

CNET conducted the other iPhone 11 Pro camera test, taking the phone on a road trip through the Scottish highlands. While the YouTube video featured a lot of images of a person, CNET’s review focused on landscapes and nature shots. Photographer Andrew Hoyle said he mostly raw images taken using the Moment app. He then processed the images on the iPhone 11 Pro using Lightroom Mobile. He decided to follow these steps because they are the same steps he uses with his Canon EOS 5D MkIV DSLR camera.

Hoyle describes the comparison between the camera on the iPhone 11 Pro and his professional-grade Canon DSLR camera as “a close-run thing.” He also said he was “seriously impressed” with the pictures he took using the iPhone, and many of the photos from the two devices were so close in quality that he couldn’t even tell which device they were taken with.

He even found himself using his DSLR less often because he trusted the image quality from the iPhone. He added that the phone won’t entirely replace all of his professional gear, but he will use it more often for shorter photo-taking sessions.

The quality of the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera has been tested time again. Selena Gomez even used it to shoot a music video.

Here is the video of the first iPhone 11 Pro camera test:

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