iPad Pro 2 Specs, Features, Launch Date [RUMORS]

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If you’re an Apple fan, there is a good chance that you have been so busy keeping up with all the different iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 rumors on the Internet that you have forgotten all about the possibility of an iPad Pro 2 being launched next month or even as late as October/November. So with that in mind, here is a variety of rumors about the Apple tablet.

iPad Pro 2 going to be the fastest yet

Apple is apparently going to use an A10 chip inside the upcoming iPhone 7, and it is supposed to be as fast if not a little faster than the A9X processor found in the iPad Pro and run even more quickly than the A9 chip in the iPhone 6s. So it’s not hard to imagine that a future iPad Pro 2 could feature an A10X CPU and be even faster than any iPad ever launched by Apple.


As with all manufacturers, Apple is known for making each generation of its products faster, more efficient, and thinner than the one that came before it. So it is expected that the U.S. tech giant will incorporate some of the advances it has made in display technology into the iPad Pro 2. In fact, it has made progress in many different component areas, such as processors and batteries, all of which could mean a much thinner iPad Pro 2.

Parity between iPad models

If you have been following the iPad Pro since its inception, you are probably aware of the frustrating differences between current iPad Pro models. For instance, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro has a True Tone display, and its larger sibling does not. Also the larger model has an 8-megapixel camera, while the 9.7-inch model has a 12-megapixel camera, plus there’s the LivePhotos feature on the smaller model but not on the larger one.

With the iPad Pro 2, consumers expect these differences in features and specifications to be gone, with the only difference being in screen size.

More storage space

It is being rumored that Apple will ditch the old 16GB base model storage with the iPhone 7 and opt for an increase to 32GB. This could be repeated with the iPad Pro 2, but seeing as the iPad Pro currently offers a base storage option of 32GB, any new minimum would likely be set at 64GB.

More like a Mac

Could the iPad Pro 2 be even more like a Mac than its predecessor? Federico Viticci from Macstories.net offers some insight into this point of view and suggests that when you use the spotlight search on an iPad Pro running iOS 10, the results that you see are in a translucent window, just like on a Mac. Also while some think the iPad has lost its importance with Apple, others argue that it and the iPad Pro 2 are in fact highly relevant, and this can be seen in a recent iPad ad the company put out.

So the answer to the question about whether the iPad Pro 2 be more like a Mac is that yes, I expect even more Mac features and behavior in the next iPad Pro 2 running on iOS 10.2.


There are rumors which suggest that Apple may place iPhone 7 components inside an enclosed system. This would make the phone hardier and possibly water-resistant. So the question here is why it could not do the same with an iPad Pro 2. There would be many benefits to giving the tablet such features.

Dual-lens camera

Again as with the iPhone 7, there is no reason why the iPad Pro 2 would not benefit from the inclusion of a dual-lens camera system. As it stands, there is no official word about the iPad or iPhone, so no one knows if this could be possible.

However, it seems as though the addition of dual-camera setups is a popular feature at the moment because many manufacturers from around the world are considering adding one to their future products.

A tougher iPad Pro 2

Apple currently uses 7,000 series aluminium to protect the fragile internal component of the Apple Watch. It is believed that this material could be used in the production of the iPad Pro 2 to make it much tougher than any iPad that has come before.

No iPad Air

With the obvious flaws and failings of the iPad Air range, could Apple be about to stop producing it and replace it with a 7.9-inch iPad Pro 2 or maybe an iPad Pro 2 Mini?

3D Touch

One feature that has stood the test of time on many different Apple products is the home button; however, in recent months, there has been speculation about its removal from the next iPhone and replaced with some kind of ultrasound version.

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