An iOS 9 Adblocker That Blocks Ads In Apple News Gets Approval

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Apple disappointed millions of digital publishers and app developers by introducing ad-blocking functionality in iOS 9. And now the Cupertino company has done something that goes against its own best interests. The iPhone maker has approved an iOS 9 ad-blocker app called Been Choice that lets users block ads not only in third-party apps but also in native mobile apps like Apple News and Facebook.

Did Apple accidentally approve Been Choice?

With ad-blocking in iOS 9, Apple might be addressing users’ concerns over invasive ads, but it would also disrupt the primary source of revenue for app developers and publishers. It is still unclear whether Apple accidentally approved Been Choice or it was a well thought-out move. Been Choice may raise eyebrows because on one hand it blocks ads, but on the other hand it offers paid surveys.

Been Choice allows users to earn rewards for sharing their behavioral data with app developers, publishers and advertisers, reports TechCrunch. The app was created by Dave Yoon and Sang Shin who worked together for almost a decade at McKinsey & Co. Though the survey option can be switched off, Yoon and Shin admitted that their surveys use more user data than the ad-blocking side of the app saves.

iOS 9 adoption reaches 57%

The app gives users a choice between ad-blocking and sharing data to earn rewards. For surveys, it compensates users in the form of cash via PayPal. Yoon and Shin also plan to offer Amazon gift cards and an option to donate earnings in the future. Yoon claimed Been Choice has become the first ad-blocker to block ads in Facebook’s native iOS app.

Separately, latest statistics shows that the iOS 9 adoption has reached a whopping 57% in just three weeks, partially due to the stellar performance of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. It was followed by iOS 8 with 33% share while earlier versions run only 10% of Apple’s mobile devices. Last year, it had taken iOS 8 six weeks to reach 50% adoption rate.


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