iOS 8: Features Apple May Steal From Jailbreakers For Its New OS

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is all set to showcase iOS 8, the newest version of its iPhone and iPad software. Though the tech giant will never accept it, it has borrowed a number of features from jailbreakers to improve its software. Last year, the iOS 7, which saw a major overhaul, borrowed heavily from jailbreakers including the Control Center, new app switcher, the live clock icon, gestures, better folder support, Notification Center on the lock screen and several others. If history is anything to go by, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) would add a number of features with the iOS 8 that jailbreakers use today. Ryan Matzner of Fueled has compiled a list of features that the iOS 8 should deliver out-of-the-box.

The infinite dock

The bottom dock section of the iPhone home screen accommodates only four apps. The infinite dock lets users add and swipe through as many important apps as they like.

Lockdown Pro

Not all iPhone users find it necessary to lock their entire device, especially when they can use the remote locking feature to lock the phone from a computer in case the phone is lost or stolen. Lockdown Pro allows users to add passcode to specific folders where they have stored important apps such as email, Dropbox or PayPal. This way, users won’t have to put in their passcode every time they pick up the device. But the most important apps will still be secure.

Clever Pin

This is just an alternative to Lockdown Pro. Clever Pin disables the lock screen when the smartphone or tablet knows that it’s in safe hands. If added to the iOS 8, the iDevice users will be able to choose to disable their passcodes when connected to the home WiFi network, listening to music or when the phone is charging.

Browser preference: something users desperately expect from iOS 8

Even if you want locations to open in Google Maps and links in Google Chrome, the iPhone doesn’t let you make Google apps your preference. That’s frustrating. Browser preference lets users Google Maps as their default maps app and Google Chrome as their default browser.

A secret security feature

When your passcode is typed incorrectly, this feature assumes that the phone has gotten into wrong hands. It secretly takes a photo and emails you. It acts as an extra layer of protection.

Switch off pop-ups

The iPhone has a really annoying habit that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) should fix with the iOS 8. Matzner tells his own experience when he was connected to WiFi with his device in Airplane Mode and the pop-up reads “You must disable Airplane Mode to send or receive messages. That’s just not true,and Matzner was successfully sending iMessages to his brother.


It allows users to create quick actions and shortcuts through personalized taps and swaps. Even if you are in another app, you can open the app you want with the help of personalized taps and swipes. These jailbreak-inspired features are ready for mainstream use, if added to the iOS 8. They will make the iPhone experience more modern, efficient and pleasurable.

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