iOS 8 Beta 3 Coming July 8 [REPORT]

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Developers are excited to get their hands on iOS 8 beta 2, but unfortunately, Apple seems to be moving rather slow with the next version. BGR reports that its sources say the next beta version of iOS 8 won’t be out until July 8, putting a three-week gap between beta versions.

Apple delays next iOS 8 beta

Typically, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) only allows two weeks to elapse between beta versions of iOS, so letting three weeks go by suggests that the company may be running a bit behind. Either than, or Apple is having more problems than usual with iOS 8. It also might be possible that Apple is trying to reduce the number of beta versions it rolls out this year.

BGR reports that iOS 8 beta 2 has so far been running more smoothly than the first beta version. Some even said that the second version was actually stable enough to use every day. The first beta version brought several big problems. With beta 2 though, most of the issues that popped up in the first beta were fixed. Apple still had to work on issues with cellular networking, battery life and freezing, according to BGR. Developers are hoping to see these problems fixed.

When will the full iOS 8 come out?

Apple never provides a firm release date for the newest version of iOS. As is typical, CEO Tim Cook said it will be out sometime this fall. Typically the new iOS version comes out a week or maybe two weeks before the new iPhone, so the timing of the iOS 8 launch provides a clue on when we can expect the iPhone 6.

In previous years, Apple released about six or seven beta versions before launching the actual consumer version of iOS. If July 8 really is the date of the next iOS 8 beta, then we could be looking at a launch in early September, depending on how many weeks are between beta launches and how many beta versions there end up being.

iOS 8 features

When the final version of iOS 8 comes to consumers, it’s expected to feature some big-time privacy improvements. Other major changes include a more flattened design, support for third-party keyboards, deeper use of search through Apple’s Spotlight feature and more iCloud integration. Developers are also probably busy building apps to utilize the new HealthKit API and Health app, both of which are coming with iOS 8.

Of course Apple’s really only releases beta versions of iOS so that developers can work on apps and updates for already released apps. However, many avid iOS users install the beta versions on their own iDevices. Every beta version brings with it bug fixes and even more improvements than the previous one. As with all iOS updates, users are advised to clear their iDevices of everything they don’t use. The files are usually quite large. Also the download itself usually takes quite a while.

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