iOS 7: How to Change Siri’s Voice

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iOS 7: How to Change Siri's Voice

Apple’s iOS 7 comes with some new features like the new Control Center, AirDrop, better multitasking and more. One change that would be easily noticeable is the new improved Siri in iOS 7, which comes with new male and female voices, multiple language options and smarter answers.

If you’re one who wants to change Siri’s voice to male instead of female, or want to speak to Siri in your own voice, then here’s what you need to do.

Go to Settings app > General > Siri.

Tap on “Voice Gender” to toggle between male and female voice. The default voice is female, but you can toggle it to male from here.


Tap on “Language” to change Siri’s language to your preferred one. However, note that voice genders are not available for all languages, so it might be possible that the gender option may not be available for your language.

Once you change the settings, the changes take effect immediately. You may like to ask a quick question to Siri to know how the new voice sounds like. If you don’t like the changes, then you can always revert back to old settings (which is the female voice).

The new smarter Siri can do many things in iOS 7

The new smarter Siri can do many things in iOS 7. Siri can now post to Twitter, change volume, screen brightness, search Wikipedia, and do many more such things. Try out Siri once you make the above changes.

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