iOS 13 Beta 2 Jailbreak – Luca Todesco Tweets His Success

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iOS 13 beta 2 has been available for only 24 hours, yet already someone has managed to find a way to possibly achieve an iOS 13 beta 2 jailbreak. According to Redmond Pie, Luca Todesco of Yalu102 posted a tweet, showing his success in exploiting the latest OS update from Apple.

iOS 13 Beta 2 Jailbreak

The announcement of the iOS 13 beta 2 jailbreak by Luca Todesco isn’t the only jailbreak activity that has taken place since the initial seed for iOS 13 was released, this one has definitely captured some attention. This action proves that iOS 13 is not quite as secure as Apple had hoped. It seems that each year Apple releases a new version of its OS, and each year it is subsequently cracked by jail breakers. While Apple may not like the idea of its OS being cracked in this manner, users definitely like the freedom of using Cydia over Apple’s official app store.

Apple’s Nemesis

Apple is constantly playing a game of hide and seek with the jail breaking community. Often when someone manages to find a loophole in the software Apple will try to wait until the last minute to patch that hole. This is done in hopes that jail breakers will continue to work on finding a way to exploit it, only to have their efforts thwarted at the last minute. This tactic also keeps jail breakers focused on a particular part of the software, which Apple hopes will keep them from finding other weaknesses. While we are not yet sure if that is what is going on in relation to an iOS 13 beta 2 jailbreak, we do know that Luca Todesco has managed to find a possible way to get around Apple’s security.

What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is essentially the same thing as rooting an Android device. Bypassing Apple’s restrictions gives a user full control over their device, and allows them to install apps that are not authorized by the Cupertino company. While it has benefits in regard to functionality, it also has risks. Jailbreaking removes the security protocol that Apple is known for, making the device more vulnerable. The latest iOS 13 beta 2 jailbreak could mean that users will have more functionality, but it could also leave users at risk to security threats. Luca Todesco is just one of many people who attempt to crack Apple’s OS updates, and it appears he may well be successful with this latest edition of iOS.

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