iOS 12 And iPhone X Plus To Dominate Apple Product Range In 2018

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Two of the more interesting releases from Apple in 2018 will be the iOS 12 operating system and the iPhone X Plus. The new mobile OS from the Californian corporation is set to deliver some intriguing new functionality, and will be tasked with driving an increasingly diverse range of products in this calendar year.

Meanwhile, the analyst community is increasingly suggesting that Apple will produce a sizeable iPhone X Plus device in 2018, and that this will feature the largest ever screen in an Apple mobile. The 6.5-inch display being linked with this device will be an absolute headline grabber should it indeed materialize in either September or October.

Reports from close to the Apple supply chain suggest that the consumer electronics giant is already hard at work on the iPhone X Plus device, producing some of the spectacular design characteristics that will dominate this phone. In particular, the investment bank Barclays suggests that the notch that is so associated with the iPhone X may be almost eliminated completely when the next cab off the rank appears.

Barclays reports that the notch will be reduced quite significantly in the iPhone X Plus, and that this will not be the only new design parameter in this smartphone. MacRumors has also reported that there will be huge changes to the TrueDepth scanner and Face ID security system in the iPhone X Plus, while momentum is gathering which suggests that certain features may be embedded within the display of the device.

Barclays outlined its beliefs regarding the next iPhone release in a note to investors. “We do expect the sensor to evolve slightly, potentially reducing in size (i.e., smaller notch) and improving in specificity…helping to further drive very strong growth for some Apple suppliers in 2H18 as the second generation of sensor ships in this year’s new iPhones.”

Pricing for the iPhone X Plus will certainly be intriguing if it is to deliver the sort of functionality already being linked with the smartphone. It was already considered that the $999 price tag of the iPhone X was rather hefty, yet one would expect the iPhone X Plus to retail at a higher RRP than this. With Apple having already eliminated its traditional Home button from the design of the iPhone X, speculation is rife that all three Apple mobile releases in 2018 will follow this trend.

Reports have already materialized suggesting that iOS 12 will power three Apple mobile releases in the forthcoming range. The iPhone X Plus will be the largest and most powerful of these, but Apple will also release two other smaller devices, intended to provide a more affordable entry point to the world of the iPhone. However, even these relatively cheap smartphones will deliver larger screens than have ever been included in an Apple mobile previously.

It is interesting that Apple has seemingly chosen to jettison the iPhone X so rapidly, considering that it has been both a commercial and critical success. But early analysis of the iPhone X generation indicates that Apple can expect a sales growth in the region of 50 percent. this is obviously pretty significant, but the most affordable smartphone of the three expected to be released will provide superb qualities and specifications, while also retailing at around $699.

While the Apple Watch receives its own version of the iOS operating system, the Apple mobile OS still provides the template for watchOS. This will be particularly important in 2018, as the Apple Watch continues its descent into becoming a mainstream device, rather than the niche seller that it has been previously.

The iPhone X generation will also be required to deliver outstanding augmented reality and virtual reality functionality, in order to build on what was achieved with Face ID last year. This will obviously be demanding for iOS 12, but will be of critical importance to Apple as these markets develop.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence is becoming a major niche as well, with Apple having just released its first ever smart speaker system. With Siri generally considered to be slightly behind Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant at present, iOS 12 can be expected to deliver an improved AI experience.

Spec increases are also afoot, with Apple expected to address the often paltry battery life of the iPhone series this time round. RAM could also be increased, while there will be pressure on Apple to respond to the negative publicity that has been generated by its admission over the throttling of older iPhone units.

Overall, the iPhone X Plus and iOS 12 releases will be well worth waiting for, and could propel Apple back to the head of the global mobile marketplace.

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