Display Edge Stripes: A New Problem With The Apple Watch Series 3

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Reviews of the Apple Watch Series 3 recently hit the market, and despite indicating a generally favorable product, the biggest Apple Watch Series 3 issue lies in ‘display edge stripes’ on some models.

Before we get to this problem, let’s firstly evaluate the features, specifications, and general application of the watch as outlined by Techradar. It is being released as two versions, one with 4G present and the other without, where the latter is an affordable model with top fitness capabilities. The watch has been praised for its battery life and screen quality, and is available for purchase on contract with nothing to pay upfront.

As a direct replacement for the Apple Watch 2, both models come with a new chipset inside, and comprise top features including run and cycle tracking, a water-resistant case for swimming, and a heart monitor on the underside. It runs on the WatchOS 4, a significant upgrade which is highly useful, and the watch is targeting the fitness-focused niche, despite its many capabilities.

The Apple Watch 3 was launched on September 22nd 2017, and despite being expensive, it will more than likely exist as the ‘new’ model for at least the next year. The watch has its own cellular connection which runs independently from your phone, but in reality you still need an iPhone to capitalize on the advanced features. Users can now take advantage of additional music streaming services, alongside the presence of Siri to assist you with everyday tasks and queries.

Apple have maintained their iconic design, and with an upgrade in the manufacturing process, the watch offers promise that extends beyond its faults. But as a prospective buyer it’s important to understand product faults to evaluate whether the watch is right for you. One of the biggest Apple Watch Series 3 issue is a row of visible stripe markings along the side of the display. This is currently being attended to by third-party repair staff after the Apple Watch Series 3 issue became apparent, particularly with regards to how it is affecting the GPS models.

The Apple Watch Series 3 issue is most recognizable when the display is turned off, since then the stripes are visible. The problem doesn’t exist with the new cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 3, which can be explained since this version uses a different display configuration. The issue doesn’t appear to be affecting all users of the Apple Watch Series 3, and generally speaking this hasn’t yet manifested into a widespread problem.

Since acknowledging the Apple Watch Series 3 issue, Apple have instructed users to run their finger along the display when it’s turned on to allow smearing to appear. This allows the edge display stripes to be more easily noticed, and to further inspect the issue you can breathe on the display edge to create humidity or fog. From here you can inspect the device appropriately before returning your product to an Apple store.

|If you face this Apple Series 3 Watch issue and aren’t best pleased, you’re entitled to receive a repair or replacement under the company’s one year warranty system. There is currently no procedure to replace out of warranty devices, so the chances are you’ll be rewarded a replacement if you protest the issue.

Apple is mailing devices in for a complete replacement if you fall victim to the ‘display edge stripes’, so if your device has the markings present, remember to appeal for a replacement as soon as possible.

I hope you have found this article informative, especially if you have fallen victim to the Apple Watch Series 3 issue. Hopefully you are now better informed to deal with the problem, and if you feel as if we’ve left anything out, please comment below to kick-start the discussion.

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