Invite Users Who Like Your Posts To Join Your Facebook Page

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Facebook posts are an excellent way for publishers and brands to attract followers and advertise (in a way) without paying for advertising. Of course making posts on Facebook only circulates your information to those who already follow you and the friends of those who like your posts so much that they share or comment on them. As a result, this is a very limited way to “advertise, and it usually doesn’t get you more follows for your page.

However, we’ve noticed a feature that could help you get more people to like your page. Some page owners now have the ability to invite Facebook users who liked one of their posts to also like their pages.

Invite Users Who Like Your Posts To Join Your Facebook Page

Feature returns to Facebook

The feature was initially rolled out quite some time ago, but then it disappeared. For a while it was replaced with the “Invite friend” feature, which really isn’t the same, but now it has been restored to many pages that once had it but then saw it disappear. The feature appears to be much more widely available now because even more page owners now appear to have access to it. It appeared on ValueWalk’s Facebook page for the first time just this week.

We do know that Facebook has changed some things recently for brand advertisers, but it’s unclear whether this changed feature is related to that. We have reached out to Facebook for further details on this feature and will update this post if an answer is received.

How to invite Facebook users to like your page

There do appear to be some requirements, as it seems only pages with fewer than 100,000 followers are able to invite those who like their posts to also like their pages.

Also the number of likes that are needed on a post appears to be quite high. As you can see from the image we posted above, you need to have enough likes on a particular post to trigger the pop-up list of names of those who liked the post. If this feature is enabled on your page, you should be able to see “invite” buttons next to the names of those who liked the post but don’t like your page by clicking on “others” to bring up the pop-up list of people who liked the post.

Then all you need to do is click “invite” next to the names of the people in the list. We should also mention that the invitation to like your page comes from your personal account and not from your public page, which means you’ll probably be extending invitations to people you don’t know. However, if you don’t want strangers on your personal page, you don’t have to accept friend requests from them if they try to friend you after you invite them to like your public page.

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