Investments That Could Help The World

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Philanthropic investing may or may not appeal due to the idea of it being entirely selfless, but it can, in fact, bring in a return other than a fuzzy feeling. There are many examples of cause investing, including: mission-related investing, programme-related investing, environmental, social and governance investing, impact investing, sustainable investing, and socially responsible investing. Their investing strategies and purposes can overlap, and you can see a return on practices, products, or services that a charity can offer.

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Your money will also contribute to society in a way that offers a positive impact, in turn offering good favour from consumers to turn to your business. It gives you a chance to make a real change with your money. Consider these options when looking for somewhere to put your money.

Environmental Investment

Environmental investment can be really simple if you want it to be. It is a form of investing that focuses on companies that support or provide environmentally friendly products or services. Or you can invest in whatever you want but look at a company’s environmental impact before you commit.

There are many options, from clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, climate action, and cleaning the oceans.

Medical Investment

With technology making enormous strides in the past few years, medicine is also making massive strides alongside it.

Investing in medical technology or drugs will gain a substantial return when patients need the treatment you’ve been backing. When items like mind-controlled prosthetic limbs and the DynaVox EyeMax System come to be implemented in every home of a patient who needs it, you will want to be behind it. Driverless cars have the advantage of empowering disabled users but also being appealing to the wider population.

Medical charities like the British Medical Association are always looking for aid, with foundations popping up all over the country to aid in every ailment. Investor Tej Kohli has created foundations in prosthetics and corneal blindness, whereas OrbiMed is the most active medical investor in the world.

Social Investment

Social investments can help charities and social enterprises overcome economic hurdles to continue aiding in their mission. Charities across the country are looking for cashflow, funds for expansion, or to develop a new business model, etc. Your money could help them keep chugging on, while aiding a movement you believe in.

And there’s lots to choose from. Are you interested in aiding small businesses and startups? Paying for free school meals or food banks? Pro bono legal advice? Aiding homelessness? Invest in what lights a fire under your belly and you will never feel like your money is wasted.

The distinction between social investment and donations is that you are getting something back for your money. The recyclable nature of a successful loan investment will be beneficial in a number of ways. Your company will enjoy the marketing rewards of aiding a cause, while possibly gaining a return on your money, like supporting small businesses can. You will also walk around with a warm glow knowing that your money made a difference.