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famous value investors from indiaLast month, I posted an interview with Amitabh Singhi, a value hedge fund manager from India. In the interview, Singhi mentioned someone by the name of Chandrakant Sampat, who has been value investing since the 1970s, and is considered by many to be “The Warren Buffett of India”.  Chandrakant Sampat, is 82 years old and almost never gives interviews. However, one of the readers found a link to the only television interview of Sampat.

I also found an interview that was posted today with Sampat-Interview with Financial Express


Here is an interview from 2003, which I found-Rediff interview

The interviewer is asking in Hindi while Mr. Sampat answers in English.

At some point in this interview, Mr. Sampat makes a fantastic point (paraphrased here) – This planet and all that is in it has been bequeathed to us humans as an asset. Humans have printed money for raising liabilities against this asset. But there is that much you can do in terms of plundering this asset and printing money to raise liabilities.

The video is below and very interesting for anyone interested in the value investing world in India:

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