Intel’s TV Launch Plans Facing Delay

Intel’s TV Launch Plans Facing Delay
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Intel's TV Launch Plans Facing Delay

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)’s plans of launching its own TV came as a shock, with media highlights claiming that the company was about to oust Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) in launching what is believed to be the next generation TV experience. However, according to latest reports, the company is apparently facing a delay. The company was scheduled to make the launch during this year’s Customer Electronics Show scheduled for early January, but this may not happen.

This television service is expected to offer customers flexible subscription options. And Intel is believed to be facing negotiation difficulties in licensing with television operators. Nonetheless, the company could minimize the impact of this quandary by negotiating smaller distribution deals in some cities.

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The television industry remains one of the undisrupted industries in the market, but this is likely to come to an end given the rapid technological developments and changing consumer behaviour. Technology has made it possible for people to download a video of their choice at their time of asking without having to look up to some schedule and timing. Some notable internet-tv successes are Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) and DIRECTV (NASDAQ:DTV), which recently announced rate hikes going into 2013.

According to reports, Intel’s rumored TV service is expected to allow users  pick individual channels, or even the shows, to buy. Elsewhere, Wall Street Journal reported that the company would still sell bundles, but in a different way than the “conventional, pay TV bundle”.

Intel is expected to launch both Hardware and Service TV products, which integrate vertically to the advantage of the chip maker. The company’s 2013 outlook has received positive pundit comments with some claiming that the company is highly underrated.

Apart from the TV business, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) is also expected to make giant steps in smartphones and tablets chip manufacturing industry to rival the likes of QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM).

At the time of this writing, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) stock was trading at $21.17 per share, up $0.55, or 2.64 percent increase from last Dec 31, 2012 ‘close.

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