Intel Corporation (INTC), McAfee Unveil New Security Technology

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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has just unveiled new security technology it developed alongside of McAfee, which it acquired about two years ago. The two major tech names showed off the new technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today.

Jeff Hindenach at the Huffington Post was at CES, and he said the new tech integrates the well-known McAfee software with Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)’s chipsets. That will enable consumers to have “a more personalized security experience.”

Intel Corporation (INTC), McAfee Unveil New Security Technology

At this point there aren’t a lot of details available on the new technology, although McAffee VP Gary Davis said it will be available on all devices and use security that’s assisted by Intel’s hardware. It appears to be some sort of hybrid of McAffee’s All Access security protection and the business grade DeepSAFE technology, which is a security product that is assisted by hardware which sits near the CPU but outside the computer’s operating system.

“We’re combining the best McAfee security technology with the best Intel security technology,” Davis said at CES today. “There will be a deeper level of security embedded in the silicon.”

At this point the new software from Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) and McAfee is in beta, and the software’s consumer version won’t be offered until the middle of the year. The software could be a major development for McAfee because it is the only Internet security company with ties to Intel, which is the biggest chipmaker in the world.

Here’s what’s included in the new technology. Users get two levels of security—at the hardware and software levels. This makes it possible to block more advanced or hidden threats. Also the hardware itself is linked with the hard drive, which prevents the hard drive from being used by anyone who might steal it. Davis also said the new software comes with exclusive customer service that can provide tech support and take calls from users about viruses or malware they hear about.

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