Intel Compute Stick Now Available For Pre-Order

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Intel Compute Stick is finally available for pre-order at various retail stores. Retailer Newegg is offering pre-orders of the Compute Stick, which will be released on April 24.

To compete with Asus Chromebit

Earlier, in January, Intel unveiled the Compute Stick at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). A Windows version of the compute stick is priced at $150, and the Linux version is available at $110. On Amazon, one can also see both the Windows and Linux version listed, but there is no pricing or availability information, says the report.

Intel Compute Stick will compete with Asus Chromebit announced last week. Just like the Compute Stick, Chromebit connects to an HDMI monitor through an HDMI cable, and keyboard and mouse can be connected via Bluetooth. Chromebit is supported by the Google Chrome’s operating system unlike Intel’s Compute Stick, which has Windows and Linux options available. Chromebit will be launched this summer for under $100.

Intel Compute Stick relevant for frequent travelers

It is a plain truth that no PC or desktop is available in the market for that small an amount. Intel Compute Stick processing speed is not the same as laptops, but in the end it is capable of doing what’s necessary. With price only marginally above Roku 3 or Apple TV, the user gets an actual Windows HTPC. With the help of the Compute Stick, a user can install apps from the Windows store, run a full web browser, and can enjoy some light games. Users can upgrade Windows 10 for free which will arrive in next couple of months.

The specs of the Compute Stick include an Atom quad-core processor, 2GB onboard RAM and 32GB storage. Compute Stick is easy and simple to use by simply plugging it into a monitor’s HDMI port. After booting, a user can work in their preferred operating system by connecting a keyboard and mouse through Bluetooth, offering a full computing experience. Although the Compute Stick cannot be seen as an alternative to the desktop or laptop, it is a good option for frequent travelers to do some urgent work.

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