Intel Corporation Owned Basis Unveils Titanium Peak Fitness Watch

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Intel-owned Basis Science has launched a new Titanium edition of its fitness tracking watch, the Basis Peak. Basis was acquired by the chip maker more than a year ago, and now it is all set to offer its new watch to the market, creating competition for the Apple Watch.

How it’s different from Apple Watch

The fitness tracking watch from Intel costs $300, a price point that’s less than Apple’s device costing between $350 and $17,000. The current Basis Peak watch sell at $200, which is a justified price point considering that the sensors put in the watch can track heart rate, measure the number of hours a user is sleeping and track activities like swimming, walking, running or biking.

Jef Holove, general manager of the Basis division at Intel, said in an interview with VentureBeat that people are fond of dressing up and being fashionable, and the Basis watch has everything required to make a smartwatch most useful.

Differentiating its product from others made by Apple and Samsung, Holove said the notification feature of the watch is common, but, “We are not in the same category as general-purpose devices like Samsung and Apple watches.” The executive said that the company is largely focused on the premium health and fitness space, adding, “We intend to give you the most comprehensive view of your health. That is what we do deep.”

Having Intel on their side a big advantage

Sharing his experience of working under Intel, Holove stated that it has been a good one as the chip maker has better supply chain relationships, being a big company. Also the company has a couple of teams assigned to research work that is directly relevant to wearable devices such as the Basis Peak. Holove acknowledged that the brand gets much better visibility under Intel.

The new watch from the Intel subsidiary will have titanium steel encasing it with a modish leather strap. Also the case will have a satin finish Grade II titanium base that will safeguard the watch from nicks, scratches and corrosion. Two versions of the leather strap will be available: a SportVent silicone strap and a caramel brown leather strap.

It’s not just the new version but also a range of leather straps in various colors that Basis is launching for its Basis Peak fitness trackers. Various colors such as noir, fog, saddle, khaki and blush will enter the market. Basis is charging $50 for the new leather straps.

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