Intel-Powered Tag Heuer Smartwatch To Debut At Baselworld [REPORT]

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Intel and Tag Heuer have teamed up on a digital smartwatch that will compete with the much-hyped Apple Watch, which has been creating buzz for some time, just like every Apple product before its release. Tag Heuer will launch the new device today at the Baselworld show at 1 p.m. U.K. time, according to a report from Pocket-lint.

Apple vs. Tag Heuer and Intel

Apple announced its plans to introduce a smartwatch last year, and soon after that, a similar announcement was made by the Swiss watchmaker. The Apple Watch is believed to be much better than existing wrist wear from arch rival Samsung, but it is possible that it too will have to face competition from stronger rival Tag Heuer, which has support from Intel.

Taking a jab at the Apple Watch, Biver in a recent interview with Reuters said, “Apple will get young people used to wearing a watch,” adding, “Later maybe they will want to buy themselves a real watch.” Biver has always shown his contempt for devices from Apple, and hence, this should not come as a surprise. Another example is when he said the designs seem to be a creation by someone in the “first trimester.”

Is Google also helping Tag Heuer?

The original black Carrera is the most iconic model of Tag Heuer released to date, and its parent company LMVH has plans to release a digital version of it, for which it has teamed up with Intel. The digital version will be similar to the non-digital version but with additional abilities such as tracking of geo-location, distance walked and current altitude, according to Reuters.

Apart from Intel, According to Pocket-lint, Google too played a role in developing the wrist wear, but the report has not been confirmed by the Mountain View company as yet. However, earlier this year, Biver did reveal that only the watch will be manufactured in Switzerland while the other major components such as chips and apps will be manufactured in Silicon Valley.

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