How To Download And Install iPhone Themes Without Jailbreak

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If you have chosen not to go against Apple‘s security concerns, by deliberately jailbreaking your iPhone, or your handset can’t be jailbroken. You are currently missing out on the delights that users with such handsets can enjoy. However, today we’re bringing to your attention a tool called iSkin, which allows you to install iPhone Themes without a jailbreak. Meaning, that you can add a little bit of customization to your handset. Here’s what you need to know…

iSkin iPhone Themes

What does this tool offer you? It will install a new set of app shortcut icons, which once clicked will launch their respective application. However, you should be aware that this isn’t going to give true cosmetic changes, ones that will fundamentally alter your device. Instead, this is a way to make it look as though something has changed when it really hasn’t.

Furthermore, if you give the following tutorial a try, and decide you don’t like the iSkin iPhone Theme, the process is reversible.

How To Install iSkin iPhone Themes No Jailbreak Required

As with all of our tutorials, you are going to be required to follow a set of steps with each guiding you through the process. It is advised that you DO NOT skim through, instead, read each step and act upon it when ready. This method will reduce the risk of you making any mistakes.

1. Start this tutorial by opening the SafarI browser on your iPhone.

2. Next, enter the following URL and visit the site. This site is where the iPhone Themes are stored, some being paid and others free. However, all are accessible if you have a free premium account, something which you may have to sign up.

iSkin iPhone Themes Browse all

3. Once the site is loaded, scroll down the page until you come across the Browse all Themes. When found Tap it to reveal a selection of iSkin iPhone Themes.

ikitkat iSkin iPhone Themes

4. Scroll through the themes until you find one that interests you and Tap it. Doing so will reveal more information about the Theme, including the features it has for Lock screens, Home screens, and Application icons. We chose the iKitKat due to wanting to add a flavor of Android to our iPhone.

5. Next, having chosen an iSkin iPhone Theme that you like, scroll down to the Applications Icon Button and Tap It.

rename iSkin iPhone Theme icons

6. On the following page, you are required to select the Themed icons, and give each one a name. Once happy that you have the icons you want scroll down and Tap Install Icons and let the countdown finish.

7. Next, you will be presented with an Install Profile Page. Where in the top-right corner you will find a place to enter your Passcode if required (you don’t need one). Once found, Tap Install Again.

And You’re Done

You now have a taste of what it’s like to have a jailbroken iPhone without the jailbreak, which is great. However, you also have the special iSkin iPhone Theme icons, which you can remove. Just go to Settings >>> General >>> Profile, and delete the themes profile.

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