These Are The Industries That Have Adapted The Most In Lockdown!

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A brand new study by The UK Domain reveals which industries thrived in lockdown, which ones didn’t adapt as easily to a more online world and which ones they predict to do well in lockdown 2.0.

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In lockdown thousands of businesses have had to adapt to the changing world, with many needing to go online to continue trade. New analysis by The UK Domain shows how some industries were able to adapt more quickly to these changes, while others struggled to bring their businesses online.

The UK Domain analysed the number of newly registered domains during a four week period in February, and compared this with an averaged 4-week period from 9th March to 28th June to discover which industries registered the most domains. See which industries adapted the most, and which ones couldn't below:

The Industries Adapted The Best To Lockdown: Delivery Services


In lockdown the industries that managed to adapt the easiest to going online were shown through the businesses that were able to pivot their business model and still provide a service. This included food & drink businesses which saw a 22% increase in registered domains, likely down to people ordering food to their homes as an alternative to going out to restaurants. Exercise related businesses also grew, rising by 23% with people looking to keep fit at home while gyms were closed.

These Taxi Industry Has Struggled The Most!


However, some industries were not able to adapt so easily, and so throughout lockdown we saw less of an increase. There seemed to be a trend in businesses that related to outdoor activities or services which saw a decline in domain registrations. Naturally, taxis saw a huge -38% decrease in websites popping up compared with previous months as people were less likely to be heading outside and travelling. Interestingly interiors and decoration businesses decreased by 14% while gardening went up by 10%, possibly hinting at people looking to make the most of their gardens.

About The UK Domain:

The UK Domain is a free educational resource that provides small business advice on starting, building and growing an online presence. The UK Domain is run by Nominet, the official registry for all .UK domain names. Nominet has managed and ran domain names that end in .UK for over 20 years.