Images Of Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Leaked

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New leaked images of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus have given us a good idea of what these forthcoming devices will look like. These two phablets will be important releases for Samsung before the year is out, with analysts increasingly believing that the Korean consumer electronics giant will indeed release both models before the end of 2015.

Just in case there is any confusion about the origin of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, it is important to note that this is seen as a successor to last year’s Galaxy Note Edge. It is now thought that Samsung will ditch the Galaxy Note branding after one iteration in order to produce this new Galaxy S6 variant. It is not yet 100 percent clear whether Samsung will produce specifications in the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus that are in line with the existing Galaxy S range, or whether it will be more akin to a Galaxy Note device. But it is now considered a certainty that the branding of the device will change significantly from the handset that was released last year.

Images Of Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Leaked

Images Show Flagship Samsung Devices

The latest photographs of the two devices have been published by, and present images of the two handsets displaying the boot screens for both phones. The front face of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is also visible, and this rather unsurprisingly resembles a large version of the Galaxy S6 Edge. This would obviously be consistent with the way that this phablet is being branded, and it seems that curved versions of the Samsung phablet will be attached to the Galaxy S monicker from now on.

Aside from the curved phablet, that will certainly be hotly anticipated, the Galaxy Note 5 is also a critical release for Samsung. The Galaxy Note 4 that was released during 2014 was one of the success stories of a difficult year for the Korean electronics giant. In a 12 month period during which Samsung slipped significantly behind Apple and experienced a 60 percent slump in profits, the Galaxy Note 4 received an outstanding critical reception when it was released toward the end of the year. Samsung will be looking to build on this momentum when the Galaxy Note 5 is released, and produce another device that both appeals to the mass market while attracting a strong critical reception.

Galaxy Note 5 Based on Premium Design

So it is interesting to note the Galaxy Note 5 in this latest image features the premium design that has been associated with the range in recent years. Although the Galaxy S series is still considered the flagship of Samsung, and the company’s largest selling niche, the Galaxy Note range is now perhaps the premium model of the Samsung smartphone palette. It is notable in this particular version of the smartphone that a screen protector has been included, and this would seem to be an excellent way to preserve the glossy appearance of the device in the longer term.

Although Samsung has kept pretty quiet about both the branding issue and when the two devices may be released, it is expected that the Korean manufacturer will announce both smartphones as early as next month. A high profile event has been rumored to be taking place in New York on August 13, and this is already earmarked as the likely venue for the unveiling of the latest in the Samsung range of mobiles.

If this unveiling day does turn out to be correct then the release schedule from last year will probably be replicated. This would mean that the Galaxy Note 5 hits the market in September of this year, meaning that it would probably reach the market before Apple’s iPhone 7. When the phablet is released, Samsung will be hoping for the sort of universal acclaim that was achieved by the Galaxy Note 4.

With the Galaxy Note 5 now considered very much a premium device, the onus is certainly on Samsung to produce an outstanding phablet. In the past, Samsung has certainly not been shy about packing its devices with outstanding specifications, and this is certainly expected with the next generation Galaxy Note 5.

Images Of Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Leaked

Samsung toying with 4K for Galaxy Note 5

Possibly the most interesting aspect of this smartphone as Samsung readies it for release is the screen resolution that the corporation will ultimately opt for. Samsung has become associated with high-quality displays, not least because it has become the most successful television manufacturer and seller on the planet. Indeed, Samsung has owned this particular crown since 2008, and has cemented its position over the last few years.

Samsung’s range of curved television sets have proved extremely popular, and have been established as a trademark of the consumer electronics giant. This led Samsung to include curved screen technology in its mobile range, but it has also played a part in the continuing emphasis of Samsung on including outstanding display technology in its mobile devices.

This has led to considerable speculation that Samsung might arm the Galaxy Note 5 with 4K resolution. This would be a natural move for the phablet on many levels, not least the fact that 4K is now becoming a mainstream technology. Netflix already offers some 4K resolution content, and the first television service providing purely 4K content in Europe is about to go live in the United Kingdom in the next few weeks.

So the time is certainly right for Samsung to go 4K with the Galaxy Note 5, and some analysts believe that this is possible, even though the device is due in the next couple of months. However, Samsung will be aware that this would place a huge burden on the internal specifications of the device, in terms of processing power, memory and battery life. And thus 4K resolution may be a little impractical for this year’s phablet releases.

Nonetheless, these latest images of the two Samsung devices will unquestionably have whetted appetites ahead of their release.

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