Samsung Releases Prices For 2015 SUHD 4K TVs

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The 2015 range was revealed in January, but prices were not announced. The premium SUHD label comes in at the high-end, curved 4K televisions which boast Samsung’s “proprietary Cadmium-free nano-crystal technology.” The new TVs will be powered by the Tizen operating system.

High-end SUHD for premium prices

Although it sounds fancy, SUHD is pretty much LCD technology supercharged with enhancements, and the TVs go straight into competition with the thoroughly impressive OLED range from LG.

Today’s official announcement confirms the pricing structure that was leaked back in February. On the whole, it is safe to say that SUHD TVs are very expensive, with a 65-inch model on sale for $6000 at Amazon right now, and the bottom-of-the-range 55-inch set to cost $3000. The range is also expected to include an 88-inch model which will sell for an eye-watering $23,000.

Retailers cannot offer much of a discount on these prices, which are set by Samsung under a UPP (universal pricing plan).  The top-of-the-range models are only available with curved screens, while LG will offer its OLEG range with both curved and flat screens. However it should be noted that the best 65-inch SUHD will cost $3000 less than a 65-inch OLEG.

Huge number of TVs in 2015 range

Part of Samsung’s strategy is to offer a huge number of different TVs at different prices and permutations in order to attract the greatest number of customers possible. To this end there are also a number of 4K televisions that do not receive the “S,” but will help Samsung to sell more basic televisions.

There are no nanocrystals in these lower-end models, and features decrease in quantity as you move down the price range, which is perfectly understandable. It is thought that they will be very good televisions in their own right, and perhaps better value for money than the premium SUHD range.

The struggle for market share in the high-end television market looks set to be battle between Samsung and LG as things stand. Keep your eyes peeled for the first tests of the new Samsung sets in order to see how they compare to their rivals.

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