My Husband Is Aware Of The Perils Of Twitter Use: Trump’s Wife

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Twitter is the preference of many celebrities and political figures, including U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, who at times makes inflammatory comments on the platform. However, his wife Melania is not worried about how her husband uses the social media platform. She said he is “an adult and he knows the consequences” of his prolific Twitter use.

Trump tweets what he feels

On Tuesday, Anderson Cooper of CNN asked Melania if she ever tried to get Trump to put away his phone and reduce his social media activity.

To this, she replied, “Anderson, if he would only listen. I do say it many times,” adding that she does not allow their young son Barron to use Twitter.

Trump made it clear that he personally composes all of his tweets and doesn’t use any adviser or focus group. When he is in his office during the day, he shouts the tweets to a young lady in the office, who then does the typing for him, but tweets made after 7 p.m. or so are all made by him on his own device, Trump said.

All these Twitter-related revelations came at the end of an hour-long town hall Trump attended with his wife and four grown children. It was one of the rare occurrences when Trump ceded the center stage. The New York City audience asked several questions to his children, to which they replied cheerfully, sort of casting a warm, humanizing light on their father, who gets rough at times.

Twitter is an asset

Trump is hugely popular on both Facebook and Twitter with about 7.5 million followers on each. Boasting about his social media prowess, Trump said he gets a huge advantage from it over his rivals.

“I really enjoy doing it but it’s an asset. You see what’s going on and there is some genius there. You just have to find the right genius,” Trump said recently.

Previously, Trump announced that if he wins the election, he will sharply curtail, though not eliminate his Twitter use. He also acknowledged that he landed in trouble when he re-tweeted his supporters’ comments. Trump’s Twitter usage has gotten him under fire on several occasions, with the most recent being the re-tweet of an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz, wife of Republican rival Ted Cruz.

Trump is aiming to win the primary next week in his home state of New York. This will boost his chances to win the GOP nomination before the party’s convention this summer.

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