Twitter Inc Ignoring Violent Threats of ‘Assassinate Trump’

Twitter says it is working hard to curb abuse on its platform, but it appears it needs to work harder. Since GOP front-runner Donald Trump scored a series of successes on Super Tuesday, a large number of offensive tweets have shown up on Twitter.

Twitter ignoring assassination threats

Since Wednesday, dozens of tweets started appearing on the social media site, explicitly calling for Donald Trump’s assassination. A large part of these offensive tweets came from the accounts of black Americans, reported Breitbart.

“If you see a Trump supporter in public you just gotta square up and shoot the fair one. Twitter gon start up a GoFundMe to pay for your bail,” read one of the tweets. “I truly believe one my fellow ese’s gone assassinate trump,” read another tweet.

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Even though the micro-blogging site’s terms of service do not allow such forms of ugly tweets and they are a complete violation of its terms of service, which expressly prohibit calling for violence against anyone, the social media giant has taken no action as all of these accounts are still active, says Breitbart. Given Twitter’s recent history of removing/ suspending accounts calling for violence, this is a matter of distress.

It took Twitter over six months to delete an account titled “Kill Trump,” but the social media firm has been working hard when it comes to censoring conservatives. Twitter recently decided to train U.K. prosecutors how to handle online abuse, but it appears the company itself needs some training to decide what’s wrong.

“Assassinate Donald Trump” Page remains on Facebook

Facebook, which in the past has censured posts even mildly critical of feminism, has declined to delete a page entitled “Assassinate Donald Trump.”

When a user reported the Page, the social networking site responded by saying, “We reviewed the Page you reported for having a credible threat of violence and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

For Facebook, the call for the assassination of a presidential candidate seems to be fine, but it takes a much harsher action when it comes to mild criticism of radical feminism, says Info Wars. The social media giant was quick to remove a post that accused a feminist of being “incapable of forming an argument.”