HTC U12 Release Date, News And Rumors: What To Expect

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HTC will attempt to enter the mainstream consciousness with the HTC U12 release date imminent. This handset will play a major role in the strategy of the company in 2018, but official statements from the corporation indicate that HTC has other plans as well.

HTC U12 release date

So, first things first, when is the HTC U12 release date? Well, one thing that will impact significantly on this critical aspects of the HTC smartphone range is its recent deal with Google. The smartphone division of HTC has largely been purloined by the mega-corporation, meaning that there is some uncertainty regarding the future direction of the mobile maker.

However, it is generally asserted that the impact on the HTC U12 release date will be minimal. Although some skilled staff of HTC are moving to Google, with the latter gaining a non-exclusive license for HTC intellectual property, the future of HTC smartphones appears to be unaffected. Indeed, the corporation itself is promoting the deal as a major positive for the HTC U12 and other similar releases.

“This agreement also supports HTC’s continued branded smartphone strategy, enabling a more streamlined product portfolio, greater operational efficiency and financial flexibility,” asserted a statement from HTC.

So not only should the HTC U12 release date be unaffected, but the company should also retain its “best-in-class engineering talent” which is “currently working on the next flagship phone,” according to official statements. This suggests that the HTC U12 will still be a smartphone to relish.

May mooted

And the latest reports from close to the HTC supply chain suggest that the HTC U12 release date could be in May next year. The last three flagship devices from the company have been announced in March, April and May respectively, with the latter to be made available for sale in the following months.

But May would seem to offer a neat window for the HTC U12 release date, allowing the new flagship smartphone to find a market in what is an increasingly crowded mobile space.

6 mobiles planned

Earlier this month, company president Chialin Chang outlined the plans of the company to release either five or six mobiles next year. This will obviously be a pretty formidable product range, and the HTC U12 will be the jewel in this crown.

In particular, the strategy is motivated by delivering more affordable smartphones to accompany the likes of the HTC U12. “We’ll definitely be releasing a dual-camera phone next year, but we’ll need to figure out how to make this feature stand out,” Chang commented to to the Western media.

It is obvious that the HTC U12 release date will be critical to the success of the device, as the manufacturer must now slot the release of its handset alongside stellar releases from the likes of Apple, Samsung and partner Google. Meanwhile, affordable alternatives from the likes of Huawei and Lenovo mean that there is little room for manoeuvre in the bargain basement end of the market either.

Aside from the HTC U12 release date, it is interesting to look at the possible specifications of this device. Firstly, leaks from close to the manufacturers suggest that the design of the device will be rather similar to the existing Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6. Bezels have been slimmed down massively in order to incorporate a 5.7-inch display in an extremely compact design.

4K display

However, possibly the biggest news about the HTC U12 is that the device will feature a 4K display, at least if rumors are to be believed. This would undoubtedly be a major breakthrough in the smartphone space, as no mainstream mobile has embraced 4K resolution as of yet. It has been widely anticipated that Samsung will release a 4K mobile sooner rather than later, but this has yet to come to fruition.

4K resolution has undoubtedly become more mainstream over the last 12 months, with the likes of Sony and Microsoft marketing their video game consoles by touting the technology. The 4K capabilities of the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X have been a cause for great debate, and have seemingly hastened the acceptance of 4K as a mainstream technology.

It also seems that HTC will opt for a metal case for the HTC U12, rather than the shiny glass that was utilized in the HTC U11 generation. There is also no visible signs of a fingerprint scanner in leaked images of the device, suggesting that the under-display sensor technology developed by Qualcomm will be in operation.

By the time that May rolls round, the Snapdragon 845 should be fully established, meaning that the smartphone is almost certain to benefit from the latest technology. 6GB of RAM memory are also likely, while HTC is expected to include 128GB of storage in this release.

Dual-camera likely

It will also be interesting to see what direction HTC takes the Google Pixel range in the future, as it is absolutely expected that a dual-camera will be included in the HTC U12. The absence of a dual-lens in the Google Pixel 2 was disappointing and surprising in equal measures, and the fact that the flagship from HTC has a dual-camera suggests that the Google Pixel 3 may also benefit from one as well.

When the HTC U12 release date arrives, the manufacturer is also expected to eliminate the headphone jack from the device. This physical port has previously been removed from the iPhone range, and this is expected to be a common occurrence in the smartphone market from now on.

There is plenty to look forward to with the HTC U12, and it seems that the release date of the device will be approximately six months from now.

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