HTC Readies Its Flagship HTC 10

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HTC is looking to regain its place on the podium of smartphone manufacturers. Once the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, HTC has seen a loss of form that it hopes to see back with the release of the HTC 10.

Rumor has it that April 19th is the day

Rumors, rumors, rumors; sometimes they are all we have to work with prior to a reveal. HTC, despite its recent failings and financial woes, still has its sights on a return to its place as a major player in the smarthphone market. The recent releases of the A9 and the X9 smartphones triumphed a song from the press that would better be described as a dirge. They each failed to see HTC return to its former glory and the company is hoping that this will change with the HTC 10.

Thanks to recent photo leaks and rumors, many have found themselves plenty to contented to tell you what’s on the way. Those leaked photos suggest that the HTC 10 will, to a point, look like the recently released A9. The home button will position itself beneath the display just as you would expect from an iPhone. That same physical home button will also add biometrics in the form of a fingerprint scanner.

It’s expected that the HTC will have an all metal body with the the power/lock and volume buttons located on the right along with the tray that houses the SIM card. HTC was apparently quite close to having a camera that was flush with the back casing but will still protrude a bit.

HTC 10 to offer color choices as well

People do, actually, choose a phone to purchase based on available color choices. From leaked photos, the tech press are calling for availability in Silver and Black as well as Gray, Gold and White and White.

The screen is expected to measure 5  inches or potentially 5.2 inches (2560 X 1440) and 4GB or RAM. The camera should weigh-in at 12-megapixels in back with a front-facing camera around 4-megapixels. It’s a near certainty that the phone will be powered by a 820 64-bit quad-core processor and will run Android Marshmallow out of the box.

These assumptions all seem fairly safe, but we’re likely to have a few surprises to report soon enough.

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