How to View Larger Version of Images on Reddit with One Click

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How to View Larger Version of Images on Reddit with One Click

Reddit is fun, and one can spend quite a good time on the site. Apart from the main topic’s title and description, what interests me are the comments – they’re just sometimes too funny, crazy or dumb (but that’s just me). When browsing sub-reddits like funny, pics or any other, you must have noticed that it displays a small thumbnail image next to the title of the topic.


However, these small thumbnails don’t give us a complete idea of what lies in that photo, and that’s why you may want to view a larger version of the photo. To do this, you need to simply click on it which will take you to Reddit’s favorite image hosting site which is Imgur. But the problem is that you’ll be redirected to Imgur, and if you want to view more pics, then you’ll need to browse back to Reddit and repeat the same process for other pics. Now, there are two solutions to this problem – you can either always open the photo in a new tab (by keeping Ctrl pressed and then clicking on it), or you can use a bookmarklet.

Bookmarklet created for Reddit

A bookmarklet created by Elliott Kember can be used to expand images on Reddit. Since this is a bookmarklet, it won’t slow down your browser, unlike extensions and apps.

Head over to GitHub and click on “Click to show” to view the code.

Next, bring up the bookmarks toolbar, right-click on an empty location and select New Bookmark or Add Page depending on your browser. In the name field, enter any name that you prefer (such as Reddit, or expand images), and in the URL field, enter the bookmarklet code (which can be gotten by copying the code from the above link).


This will add the bookmarklet to the browser’s bookmark bar.

Now, whenever you’re browsing Reddit picture group, and want to view images in all their full glory, then simply click on the bookmarklet to enlarge all thumbnails on the same page. That’s all you need to do and it’s that simple.

The only problem right now is that the images are displayed twice on the page. Apart from that, it works great. This process will expand both static and animated images.

For sure, if you’re a Reddit fan and spend a lot of time on the site, then this bookmarklet is for you.

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