iOS 7 Makes You Feel Sick? Turn Off This Parallax Effect

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Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 7, comes with a new feature that gives your boring home screen a very neat 3D look, which happens when you move your phone around in your hand. The background appears to move underneath app icons as you move the device. This effect is nothing more than the OS and gyroscope or accelerometer sensors working in harmony.

Well, that was a good try by Apple, but many people are reporting motion sickness because of this parallax effect. It gives a 3D effect and makes your background move behind apps, and this effect is what many people didn’t like. Fortunately, there’s a way to disable this annoying parallax effect.

Disabling this effect also means that your battery will drain less, compared to when it was enabled. So, if you’ve made up your mind, then here’s how to turn off iOS 7’s parallax effect.

Navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion. Tap on this Reduce motion option which will open a screen with a toggle switch. By default, this effect is enabled. Just tap on this circle to switch it over to the right side, which will instantly turn off the parallax effect.

ios7-motion-effect parallax effect

We don’t know why Apple made this option look confusing, as the option should read as “Parallax effect” instead of “Reduce Motion.” Some people look for this parallax term and end up being confused.

When you want to enable this effect again, head over to the same settings page and toggle the setting to on.

With this setting disabled, a major annoyance is solved.

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