How To Send A Facebook Message Without Using FB Messenger

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Facebook is everywhere these days and plays a prominent role in most people’s social media experience. However, what if there were a way to avoid having to use its Messenger app on your Android handset and still send a Facebook message? Would you be interested?

How to send a Facebook message without Facebook Messenger

If you’re asking yourself if this is even possible, the answer is yes, at the moment it is. However, Facebook is determined to force its users to use its Messenger app and intends to put a stop to any way that you are currently able to send a message without using it.

For those out there who dislike the habitual controlling nature of Facebook, there are other messaging options available; you could use Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, and even Apple’s iMessage. Each of them will do as good of a job as the Facebook Messenger service, and they’re all free!

However, if you just can’t tear yourself away from Facebook Messenger, here is how you can use it without having to use the Messenger app.

Use a web browser

Yes, I know the Web version of Facebook is awkward to use, and it does seem as if it has been designed to be of little help, but it is still worth giving a try if you want to use the Facebook Messenger service without having to have the app installed on your phone. I find it just awkward enough to force me to use the app on my phone, but you may have more patience.

If you are determined to use the website, you should open a browser on your handset and navigate to the site. On the main page, you will see the standard navigation options across the top of your Timeline. They are Friends, Conversations, Notifications and search. Obviously, the one you’re looking for is Conversations, so tapping it will automatically inform you that Messenger has moved and direct you to Facebook Messenger on the Google Play Store.

At this point, if you tap the recent apps button in Android (Home button on iOS) you will be able to select your browser window again. There’s a good chance at this point that the Messenger warning will still be dominating the browser window. However, all you have to do is tap the, “X” and it will disappear. Now you will be able to browse your conversations list and talk to whomever you see fit.

Use a PC

The idea of having to resort to using a full-blown PC just to avoid having to use Facebook Messenger seems a little daft, especially when all you want to do is see if your friends have any plans over the weekend. But one good thing about using a PC to access the conversations section on Facebook is that there are no annoying references to the Messenger app getting in your way. It’s just a simple messaging service that won’t try to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.

Final thoughts

If the above does not quite do it for you, maybe you want to send a Facebook message without using Messenger! The answer to this is you just can’t do that. Your options are to use the app or the website, and that is all!

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