How To Remove Background Easily From Photos Using Clipping Magic

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For many of us, Photoshop is the one stop shop for all photo editing needs. We can always use its background eraser tool to remove a background from the photo, but then not everyone would like to purchase Photoshop as it’s pricey, and on top of that, one needs to learn how to use Photoshop for advanced tasks.  But a simpler web app called Clipping Magic can help you easily remove a background from a photo, no sweat.


Visit Clipping Magic and then drag and drop the image on the site or simply click on Choose File button and then choose a file that you want to remove the background from. Now that the image is loaded on Clipping Magic, use the green brush from the toolbar for selecting foreground and use the red brush for selecting the background. To make finer tweaks, you can even change the size of brush or zoom in and out. There are also undo, redo, erase and zoom to fit buttons. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be perfect but just stay away from the edges.

How To Remove Background Easily From Photos Using Clipping Magic

As you make selections, you’ll be able to see the preview next to it. You can select up to 7 background colors for your edited image which will be instantly applied to the result section. Click on the Help button from the right side if you need any help regarding the tools. When you’re finished with the image, click on the download button to download the file as JPEG file. The “share this private link” doesn’t work as it just starts the download of the file, which means you’re better off downloading the file to your computer instead of getting a private link.

This web app does have some problems since it is in alpha, but still it’s worth a try. It does mentions that “For the algorithm to work there needs to be pixel-visible edges in your image” and if there’s very less color differentiation between background and foreground, then it won’t work perfectly. For those who don’t want to touch Photoshop and want an easy way to remove the background, this tool is a good solution.

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