How To Know If Your Number Has Been Blocked On An iPhone

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It happens to us all from time to time, we say the wrong thing, choose the wrong side of an argument or simply put our noses where they are not wanted, it’s a human frailty. Unfortunately, it can be a frailty that has consequences … Now if you suspect a particular family member or friend  has blocked your mobile phone number from their iPhone, there is a way for you to be not 100% sure they have, but as near as possible.

Have You Been Blocked on their iPhone?

In 2013 Apple updated iOS to include one of the simplest ways to block another number from calling an iPhone. If you’re plagued by nuisance calls either from an ex or sales reps you can easily block them in iOS8 and IOS9. Moving on I am going to tell you how to spot the signs that you have been blocked!

Ways to Try and Find Out

  1. You call the number in question and are immediately put through to voice mail. This can be a sign that you’ve been blocked however, it could also mean that the iPhone owner’s handset is switched off.

Here’s an interesting side note, did you know that if you have been blocked the iPhone user will not receive an alert, but here or she will be able to listen to your message if you left one.

  1. Now this is a little creepy, but if you want to rule out the iPhone being switched off you could always call it from another number. However, if you get an answer, what will you say?
  2. If you have an iPhone yourself you can bypass a block completely by turning off caller ID. You can do this by going to Settings, Phone, Show my caller ID and then choosing to switch it off.
  3. You could attempt to send an iMessage, you will still be able to see that it has been delivered, but will remain blue.

Going back to calling and being reverted to an answer phone, if you hear a single ring before being diverted, compare it to when you call with your caller ID switched off. If with your ID not showing you hear a different response, such as multiple rings before being declined or diverted to answer phone then you can be sure that there is a problem and you have likely been blocked.

Final Thoughts

Other than challenging the blocker in person as to why he or she has done so, you may have to accept the fact and just move on. However, there are circumstances in which you could have a block bypassed officially, to do so you would need a seriously good reason such as a family member dying or something as serious. Furthermore to do this, you will have to contact the particular users network and explain why the block must be lifted!

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