How to Hide Newsstand Icon in iOS 7

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iOS 7 comes with many changes, and one of the changes that you’re going to like is that you can finally hide the Newsstand icon in iOS 7, without any tweaks or workarounds.

How to Hide Newsstand Icon in iOS 7

Previously, in older versions of iOS, you would have to use StifleStand, an app for Mac to hide the Newsstand icon from your iOS device. It basically places the icon into a folder, and doesn’t actually remove it. But now with iOS 7, we don’t need this workaround method.

Apple now allows you to place the Newsstand icon in a folder, just as you would do with any other app. No more do you need to use any tweak or application.

To hide Newsstand icon into a folder, simply drag it to a folder or another app icon to create a new folder. You can then name the folder anything that you wish to.

In the past, users were not able to move it to a folder, and that’s because Apple treated it as a folder itself, and iOS doesn’t allows us to place a folder within a folder. Now with the new OS, Apple treats the Newsstand icon as a normal app, and allows us to place it inside a folder.

One less icon means more screen real estate area, and less unwanted things on the home screen. If you don’t frequently use Newsstand, then it makes sense to hide it.

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