How To Get Windows 7 Start Menu In Windows 10

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If you’ve recently either voluntarily or have been forced to switch over to Windows 10 and decided to stay with it, you may have come to the same conclusion as many others. The Windows 10 start menu sucks!

However, as you know here on Valuewalk we like to try to help everyone find a solution to a problem, and we’re about to do it again! We’re going to share with you. How to replace the Windows 10 start menu with something more traditional like the one from Windows 7.

Windows 7 Start Menu Lookalike in Windows 10

One thing to remember before moving forward with this is that, what we’re going to do here is create a facsimile (something that looks like something else) of the Windows 7 start menu, it won’t be exactly the same, but it will as close as we can get it.

So to start with you are going to have to get a program called Classic Shell, it’s free however, the website does encourage users to donate. What you will notice after you’ve installed Classic Shell is that when you click on the start button, no menu will appear. Instead, you will get a settings dialog box, and if you close it, and then click start again, this time you will get Classic Shell’s Windows 7 start menu facsimile. And if you want to get back to the settings dialog box and change something, all you have to do is right-click the start button and select settings.

Classic Shell Settings for Windows 10

In the dialog box below styles, you will see options which will enable you customize the start button, the stock version only offers two options, but you can create and add your own.

If you would like to delve a little deeper into what is on offer, check out the three tabs on the settings dialog box. For example, you can have a menu automatically change back to the original Windows 10 interface when you turn to tablet mode and more.

All in all this is an easy to use fix if you don’t like the Windows 10 start menu, and if you dislike Windows 10 just that little bit more. We’ve put together a guide which will help you switch back to Windows 8.1 or 7 and keep your Windows 10 licence for future use.

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