How To Downgrade From Windows 10 To Win 7 Or 8

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If like many you are a windows 7 or 8 stalwart and have so far refused to switch over to Windows 10 then this article is not for you (yet), however, what if you’ve switched over and realised that your computer has slowed down or that you simply do not like Windows 10?

Before I give you an answer, do you know that Windows 10 has its Anniversary coming up? With it Microsoft are planning on filling in a few of those gaps which are making you want to switch back! Seriously they are planning on fixing a lot of the problems the operating system has suffered from with major update in July.

Do you Still want to Say Goodbye to Windows 10?

Unlike with any previous version of the Windows OS I can think of, Microsoft has taken the unprecedented step of providing away in which a user can easily switch back to a previous OS.

However, hold on …… there is a catch?  If you still within your first 30 days since switching you can follow the upcoming instructions, but if you’ve passed that mark there still is a way to do it. You may just want to skip this next part though.

How to Switch Windows Back from Windows 10

  1. Head over to settings and then click on Update and Security.
  2. When in recovery click the get started button which is underneath “Go back to an earlier build”
  3. Now click continue, you will then be shown drives which are able to be recovered.
  4. Select the drive with the version of Windows that you want to roll back to.
  5. Now click “Automated repair” and then click the “Roll back” button.

And that is it, your system will now begin the process of rolling back to your desired operating system install. The process is quite speedy and if you should ever wish to go back to Windows 10 (never say never) Windows will keep all of its associated files.

Options if You’ve had Windows 10 for more than 30-days

Don’t panic, as I mentioned earlier if you’ve had Windows 10 for more than 30 days there is a way for you to revert back, here it is.

I am going to call this the Neosmart method, basically it is a Windows 10 roll back utility, with which you take a 197MB ISO file and burn it to CD or a flash drive and use it to boot into Windows. Here’s more information on this method.

Some Advice

Before proceeding with either of the methods above, make sure you back up your work files, images videos, so that is anything that if lost would be irreplaceable.

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