How To Use Instagram’s Live Video Streaming Feature

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On Monday, Instagram rolled out its Live Video Streaming feature to its U.S. users. This will enable them to go live on the photo and video sharing network in a similar manner to how it is possible on Facebook. If you haven’t seen this update yet, don’t be concerned, as the company says it’s still rolling it out. However, everyone who wants it in the U.S. should have it in the next few days. For users in other countries, the wait should be a few more weeks. If you want to use Instagram Live Video Streaming, here’s what you need to know.

Instagram Live Video Streaming features

Users of the popular social media site have been waiting for Live Video Streaming for years, and while they have seen Facebook and Twitter both launch their own services, patience has been in order for Instagram users. However, this new streaming feature will enable users to create 10-second video clips and share them.

In a similar manner to how videos disappear from Snapchat after a certain amount of time has elapsed, Instagram Live Videos will disappear after 24 hours; alternatively, there’s the option to live-stream for up to an hour.

How to start live video streaming

Setting up a live stream is easy, mainly thanks to the fantastic UI Instagram has created. To access this new feature, you need to go to Instagram Stories. To get there, you have to start by Swiping Right in the opposite direction of the feed. Doing this will open up the Camera area, after which you should tap the Start Live Video button.

One of the most interesting things about this new feature is just how similar it is to Live Broadcasts on Facebook and even Twitter’s Periscope app, with those who watch your live video streaming being able to show their appreciation with hearts and other emoticons.

How to share your live stream

Additionally, you can send out notifications telling people about your live video streaming. You can also pin a comment for people to see or turn comments off completely.

Sharing a video on Instagram isn’t like ordinary post sharing. For a person to see your video, they must already follow you. However, Instagram has made it easy to discover new people and content on its platform.

Sharing your life with the world

Whatever you’re into, it seems as though social media has found a way and an audience for you to meet like-minded people. Unlike the traditional static posts on Twitter and Facebook, this new live video streaming feature enables users to connect on a whole new level. Gone are the days in which a video needed to be planned to correctly convey a message. Now you can just tap a couple of buttons and be live all over the world, sharing your deepest and darkest desires.

Will you be using this new features for messaging friends and family, or do you have bigger plans for it? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comment section below.

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