How To Delete Your Instagram Account Before Facebook Takes it Over

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How To Delete Your Instagram Account Before Facebook Takes it OverInstagram is a social media application for everyday folk who want to take great photographs and share them with everyone. This popular app recently became available to Android users last week. Yesterday on Monday, social media giant announced their acquirement of Instagram for about $1 billion.  Unfortunately, this news is less than welcome by some people and now they may wonder how they can close their Instagram accounts while keeping their photos safe and secure. Luckily, their official website makes it very easy to remove your account. The only caveat is that all your saved images, comments, and everything else won’t be saved. You will have to save your images beforehand and back them up on a hard drive or cloud program. Once you’ve done that, you can proceed to delete your Instagram account, here’s how.

Click the following url

You will then be prompted to login to your account, which will lead you to a page that says Instagram  Remove your Account.  Just below the title, you will be requested to tell them why you want to delete your account. Click on the drop-down menu and choose the answer that best fits your reason- which in this case probably concerns privacy- so select the first choice. They will then show you four links to previously written help articles including I want to block a user and I want a private account. You should click on these links if you’d really like to keep your Instagram account while ensuring privacy. If you still want to proceed with closing your account, click on the link below that says continue deactivating your account. You’ll then be asked to re-enter your password one last time and a reminder that you will lose your entire account before you press a large gray button that says I understand, deactivate my account.  After you press the button, your account is gone forever.

I don’t know how many people will remove their Instagram accounts but I doubt that number will be significant. I also think that most people are comfortable with sharing their photos on the web and I know a large percentage already share their images on Facebook.

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