How To Charge iPhones When They Are Turned Off [Guide]

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Have you had an iPhone for some time, or have you just switched over from Android? Want to know how to solve one of the long-standing myths surrounding Apple’s handsets, which is how to charge iPhones when they are switched off?

The myth: can’t charge iPhones when they’re off

One of the most irritating things about modern mobile technology is its need to be near a main socket at least once every 24 hours. You may consider your iPhone to be the pinnacle of technology. However, without power, it’s little more than a slab of plastic, glass and metal when it’s out of power. Thankfully though, with today’s modern gizmos catering to every scenario, you should never find your iPhone without juice. But if for some incomprehensible reason, you do find a need for some power, here’s one myth that’s been cracked.

Those who have tried to charge iPhones while they were turned off may have noticed in the past that as soon as you plugged in the charger (while the phone was off) your handset powered back on, meaning that as soon as you plug in the power cord, the Apple Logo appeared. This seems a little nonsensical, seeing as when you switched off the handset or its battery has died, switching it on again will use the power you’re trying to give it and slow down the recharge.

A solution

So is there a solution, or does Apple make iPhones so that you must have them switched on when charging? The answer is no; there is a way you can charge iPhones when they are off.

charge iphones battery capacity

There seem to be a lot of doubters who suggest that this isn’t possible. So before we tell you how to do this, go to Settings –> Battery and make sure that Battery Percentage is highlighted in green. This will enable you to monitor how much capacity your battery has remaining.

Please be aware that this guide assumes that your battery is not at 100% capacity.

How to charge iPhones when switched off

Please follow these instructions to the letter.

charge iphones battery status

  1. Start by making a note of your battery’s current capacity.
  2. Now plug your iPhone charger into your nearest power outlet and plug it into your iPhone, which should be switched on. In the top-right corner, you will see the battery color change from white to green.

charge iphones green battery icon

  1. One you have completed the above, switch off your iPhone. Please make sure you leave the charger cable plugged in.
  2. Next wait for five minutes. Go and make a cup of coffee, get a soda or do something else that keeps you occupied for this amount of time.
  3. After the required amount of time has elapsed, power on your iPhone.
  4. Once it is ready, go to the Home screen and compare your battery’s capacity with what it was at the start of this guide. After 5 minutes, you should be able to clearly see that it is possible to charge iPhones when they are switched off.

For the purpose of this test, we used an iPhone 6 starting with a 74% charge and ending after 5 minutes with an 81% charge. If you have any questions about this guide, please do not hesitate to contact us in the comment section below.

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