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How To Automatically Pause YouTube Videos When Switching Tabs

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When browsing on the web, we mostly spend a large amount of time doing various stuff. At one moment we’re reading, and at another moment we’re watching a video on YouTube. Power users may have 5-10 tabs open when browsing normally. But the problem is that when watching a video on YouTube, sometimes we have to switch to another tab but the video continues to play unless we press the pause button.

This is not a problem when watching music videos as it doesn’t make any difference, but for other type of videos, it does makes difference. It does becomes an issue when watching a trailer, tv show, how-to article, or anything else that requires the video to be seen and not just heard.

Enter YouTube Smart Pause, an extension for Firefox web browser that as the name suggests, is really smart. It stops the playback of the YouTube video when you switch to another tab, and automatically resumes the video when you switch back to YouTube.

How To Automatically Pause YouTube Videos When Switching Tabs

However, playback is not stopped if you switch to some other program or use a second browser to browse the Internet. The video is only stopped if the user switches to some other tab in the same browser window that the video is playing.

If you want to temporarily disable this feature, then right-click anywhere on the page where the video is playing and click on “Disable YouTube Smart Pause.” You can now switch to another tab and the video won’t pause anymore.
From the preference of this addon, you can configure the mode between Focus and visibility. Visibility is the default mode and reacts when the active tab/window gets hidden or minimized. Focus mode is triggered when the current active tab loses focus triggered by some action.

Overall, this is a nice addition to Firefox. Those who don’t want to keep on clicking on the play/pause button every time should use this extension. Get this extension from below link.

Install YouTube Smart Pause Extension

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