How Fintech Can Benefit From Mobile App Development Growth

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In today’s technological world, a mobile continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform has become increasingly important. This platform automates the laborious manual work traditionally required to build, test, and deploy a mobile application.

It has the ability to bring to life mobile DevOps practices as well. Mobile DevOps is fundamentally based around consistency, reliability, and speed. By implementing CI/CD practices and mobile DevOps, developers can deliver software updates more frequently and reliably to their consumers.

Fintechs Embrace Mobile DevOps

Having a high-performing CI/CD pipeline is very important for fintech companies, as it is able to provide more reliable transactions, up-to-date services, and extensive security for their customers on their apps. The financial industry has always been slow to change their practices given the sensitive nature of their services and a heightened sense of traditionalism compared to other industries.

However, fintech companies that are embracing mobile DevOps are able to keep pace with inevitable technological changes that are permeating the industry, along with matching shifting customer expectations.

60% of developers report that they have been able to move code into production faster compared to previous years with the help of improved technology. They are often relying upon the capabilities of CI/CD and DevOps practices to stay ahead of the curve. Fintech companies in particular benefit greatly from the developer’s ability to deploy new features and updates more frequently.

This means they have quicker access to the latest financial services, leading to the protection and management of their customers’ assets to the highest degree. In addition, a higher quality of services translates into better app ratings and more customer engagement.

Cybersecurity is an extremely important focus for financial services companies. It is important for all organizations, but this need is heightened for ones that deal with money. All transactions, accounts, and other data must be safeguarded vehemently for both the company’s and customers’ benefits. CI/CD automation and mobile DevOps practices have been essential in helping developers implement security measures and compliance checks in the app development and deployment process.

Automating these security checks can ease the concerns of both the companies and customers on both sides of a financial transaction. Financial information is some of the most sensitive in the world, and by enhancing these security measures, customers will be more likely to trust these fintech companies with their assets wholeheartedly.

Mobile CI/CD automation is also able to limit the potential of infrastructure failure, which can cost a financial institution hundreds of thousands of dollars in just an hour. It employs automated testing across different stages of the end-to-end app development process.

This helps to catch bugs and other issues before the app is fully deployed. It is able to continuously monitor the app’s performance after it has been released as well, from the internal infrastructure to the user interactions. All of these practices help to ensure minimal downtime, which keeps the financial services company profitable and keeps the customers satisfied.

CI/CD Pipelines Streamline Mobile App Development Process

There are many examples of CI/CD tool platforms that are available to fintech companies.The best of these tools offer cutting-edge services such as build and test caching, advanced build pipeline management, and release management. They also support both native and cross-platform development, which is very convenient for developers.

These platforms empower these mobile app developers to automate, test, and release apps with confidence. They have a lot of resources, with the largest platforms boasting 100k+ developers and 2m+ builders per month.

Mobile CI/CD platforms are crucial in the contemporary technological landscape, and fintech companies stand much to gain from implementing it into their app development process. With the escalating demand for mobile apps and the need for rapid production, CI/CD pipelines streamline development processes, ensuring high-quality, bug-free releases.

By adopting mobile CI/CD, developers can focus on creating exceptional mobile experiences, meet customer expectations and stay competitive in the market. All of these benefits of mobile CI/CD are exacerbated in the fintech app market, where top-notch customer service and security is a requirement. As the mobile app market continues to grow, embracing mobile CI/CD is essential for fintech developers and financial organizations seeking to deliver innovative and reliable applications efficiently.

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