How quickly Amazon makes money is incredible – learn how

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Ever wondered how Amazon makes money and how much it does in a year? Well, in 2018, Amazon made $232.9 billion in revenuewith $10.1 billion of that being net profit, according to a report by CNN.

And with numbers that large, it’s tough to understand what that amount of money actually looks like. That’s why Jungle Scout put together an infographic showing just how quickly Amazon makes money – and the answers may surprise you.

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To make it easier to picture, Jungle Scout divided it into time increments. So, if Amazon earns $232.9 billion a year, that translates to:

  • $19.4 billion per month
  • $4.5 billion per week
  • $638.1 million per day
  • $26.6 million per hour
  • $443,112.63 per minute
  • $7,385.21 per second

In other words, in the five minutes it takes to make a cup of coffee in the morning, Amazon will have already made over $2 million in revenue.

Jungle Scout then wondered how long it would take Amazon to make enough money to buy the new iPhone 11? An average-sized house? A family-sized sedan? The state of Washington?

Here it is, broken down for you:

In addition to the statistics in the infographic:, this list also includes other interesting purchases Amazon makes money to buy

  1. Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB Fortnite bundle ($249) — 0.03 seconds
  2. Apple MacBook Pro 15.4″ laptop ($2,499) — 0.34 seconds
  3. Mid-sized sedan ($25,838) — 3.5 seconds
  4. Jeff Bezos’ base salary ($81,840) — 11.08 seconds
  5. Family home, median home price ($226,800) — 30.71 seconds
  6. Lamborghini Aventador S ($417,650) — 56.55 seconds
  7. Average small business loan ($663,000) — 1.5 minutes
  8. Average public school annual budget ($7,006,582) — 15.81 minutes
  9. White House, the actual building ($397 million) — 14.93 hours
  10. Barnes and Noble, company valuation ($480 million) — 18.05 hours
  11. Mona Lisa, insured value ($830 million) — 1.3 days
  12. Highest lottery payout, October 20, 2018 ($1.586 billion) — 2.49 days
  13. Puerto Rico hurricane relief ($19.1 billion) — 4.26 weeks
  14. Target, company valuation ($54.85 billion) — 12.25 weeks
  15. Chinese Military 2019 budget ($131 billion) — 6.75 months
  16. Facebook, company valuation ($138.83 billion) — 7.13 months
  17. Walmart, company valuation ($330.89 billion) — 1.42 years
  18. US Military 2019 budget ($693 billion) — 2.98 years
  19. Washington State, estimated land valuation ($716 billion) — 3.07 years
  20. US national debt ($22 trillion) — 94.46 years

Something to keep in mind, though, is that these numbers are based on revenue, not profit. Nevertheless, the moral of the story is that Amazon's buying power is huge. I bet Amazon makes money enough to even buy itself after a few years.

And while we know Amazon has to pay its employees and is always innovating new or better technologies, it’s still fun to dream!

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