Houston Residents Certain They Saw UFO

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While I’m not arrogant enough to dismiss the possibility of extraterrestrial life, social media and the Internet have certainly aided many in their certainty that we are not alone. On a stormy night last week, a handful of people grabbed their camera phones and cameras believing that there was an alien spacecraft hovering above the Texas city. These pictures, which are fairly convincing, were then uploaded to a variety of social media sites. This “evidence” immediately garnered skepticism from around the world given the reach of the Internet.

One U.K Twitter user immediately called the photos altered and edited citing different qualities of pixilation. Given the growing use of drones by governmental agencies, companies like Amazon, and hobbyists, the fairly convincing looking pictures were easily explained away by thousands suggesting immediately that the photos were just that of an unmanned drone.

And the UFO expert says

So called UFO expert from the Texas chapter of Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, Fletcher Gray, explained a video of the event which began making its rounds around social media sites today called it a simple matter of strangely caught light.

The video that supports the photos was taken through a car window by Houston musician Andrew Pena around 8PM on the evening of August 11 but were quickly dismissed by the “expert.” “It’s no more than light trapped in the side window,” Gray said. While I’ve never heard of light getting “trapped” in a window, I’m no “expert.

And this expert?

“I think the trick in UFO’s is figuring out what else they could be,” says Dr. Carolyn Sumners, Vice President for Astronomy, Houston Museum of Natural Science. “It’s easy to say that could be the aliens.” Dr. Sumners knows her aliens since she writes for television.

“The more people who see it in different directions, the more likely we are to figure out where it is, what it is and see if we can explain it,” she said. “All the way back to recorded history, there are going to be things we can’t explain. That’s what makes it exciting.”

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